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6 Disturbing Sings That You Need to Take a Break

Our body is the best indicator of our health. It tells us when we’re okay, when something is wrong and when we need to take a break.

Here are the 6 signs that indicate you should take a break:

1. Headache

Feeling discomfort in your head can be an indication that you need a break. Stress can cause aches in your neck, head and eyes. High stress levels can also lead to terrible migraines.

2. Inconsistent body weight

Stress can cause weight gain. It’s caused by cortisol hormone increase, the hormone that makes you feel constantly hungry.

3. Digestion problems

Your digestive system suffers the most when you’re under stress. Digestion problems can also be caused by irritable bowel syndrome that causes stomach aches and stool problems.

4. Fatigue

If you constantly feel fatigued, have a hard time getting up and struggle not to fall asleep, it means that you’re exhausted and you need to take a break.

5. Chest pain

Stress can cause chest pain and aches and that doesn’t mean that you have a heart problem. If you experience chest pain, try to relax more. If you constantly feel the pain, consult your doctor.

6. Decrease in sexual activity

Stress can also reduce the production of the sex drive hormone which will make a person lose desire to make love. If you feel like you lack sexual desire, take some time off to rest.