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6 Different Styles of Underwear to Try Out

With so many underwear options in the market today, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out the right pair to suit you and your needs. There is an array of choices, each with different styles, materials, patterns, lengths, and more. The possibilities seem almost endless, from boy shorts to hipster, boxer briefs, trunks, period underwear, bikinis, and more. We will look at all these fantastic styles, so you can better understand each and decide on the best type for your next underwear purchase.

1.   Boy Shorts

This underwear style generally consists of the exact silhouette that boxers have but often has a much tighter fit than boxer-style underwear. The shape of this underwear is rectangular, providing you with a conservative, full coverage for your backside. They are ideal for wearing if you want ample coverage and comfort.

This is the incredibly comfortable and beautifully vivid Alaskan blue boy shorts from TomboyX. The style comes in several additional colors, ranging from simple, plain, and classic black to more unique and bold colors and patterns, such as one with a dinosaur print and a neo camouflage version. It is the brand’s most famous underwear silhouette for excellent reasons. It promises to be wedgie-free and provide full coverage for your cheeks. It consists of a very soft cotton blend material that gives you a slight stretch and ensures you remain comfy. Also, the signature waistband has a stay-put quality that holds everything together while not pinching or riding up on you while you wear the style.

2.   Hipster

Hipster-style underwear mixes the styles of bikini-cut underwear and boyshorts. This fit is a very flattering style, providing perfect coverage lying a few inches below the navel without actually covering it.

Above is the relatively new pair from TomboyX in the color rainbow spill. The underwear’s material is a super soft, extremely-breathable cotton blend, and it also has a classic stay-put waistband similar to the boy shorts pair. It has a full-coverage, hip-hugging fit with zero pinching or riding up.

3.   Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are incredible because they can go underneath your clothes and be your clothes. They provide complete coverage and are typically the most extended underwear cut you can find out of all the styles. This longer cut helps with chafing, keeps you covered, and looks fantastic.

This pair from TomboyX is made with an incredibly soft cotton blend material, providing a slight hint of stretch while ensuring you stay comfortable. It also has the signature stay-put waistband to keep all of it together without pinching or riding up.

4.   Trunks

Trunks are a great option if you want something similar to boxer briefs but with a shorter fit in length. They are gender-neutral, residing between the underwear styles of shorts and briefs. Here, we feature TomboyX’s trunks in a classic black color. However, the trunks come in many other colors and patterns, like a rainbow pride stripes pair and another in a dark knight batman-themed pattern.

This pair could be an excellent figure-flattering choice if you have a shorter build than average. They provide significant breathability, ample coverage, and great flexibility. They’re a very comfortable option for underwear.

5.   Period Underwear

A relatively modern and new invention, period underwear is becoming increasingly more popular by the day. It is intended to look exactly like your average pair of underwear but keeps you dry and moisture away from your skin as they absorb menstrual blood. The fabric is supposed to be moisture-wicking, composed of thousands of tiny filaments, and these fibers trap liquid to stop it from leaking onto your clothes. They are clothing made to be worn during menstruation since period underwear helps to soak up menstrual blood when wearing them.

This is the period leak-proof bikini five-pack cotton mixed rainbow pack from TomboyX. They promise no leaks and no mess, meaning no worries for you in the long run. They intend to keep you dry, with built-in leak protection for light days and incontinence, so you can rest, move, and breathe easier. They are anti-bacterial, odor-repellent, and feel just like your standard pair of underwear.

6.   Bikinis

A classic and versatile choice for underwear is the bikini style. This underwear provides moderate coverage and significant comfort with a simplistic design and effortless fit. It is very accommodating and comfortable.

Above is the tucking bikini from TomboyX in color Chai, a nude, muted, soft, and classic shade. This bikini-cut underwear style features a double-layered interlock polyester with one-way stretch, providing snug, secure compression while holding onto breathability, moisture-wicking, and fast drying performance.


The many choices available today for underwear often make it confusing to know what pair you should buy to best suit your needs. There is an array of underwear types to select from, each with varying styles, designs, materials, sizes, lengths, levels of coverage, prices, and other significant characteristics. So, picking one might be challenging without knowing what you typically get with each available option. Whether you decide on boy shorts, hipster, boxer briefs, trunks, period underwear, or a bikini style, there is undoubtedly the perfect pair out there for you to find.