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6 Best Poodle Mixes for Active Families

Have you considered bringing a lovable ball of fur into your household? You could be the perfect fit for a new little pooch if you are an active family. Most dogs like running, playing, going on walks, and searching out sticks and other fun things. However, some dogs prefer those things more than others.

Poodle mixes are becoming the most popular cross and with good reason. The poodle in the mix tends to be very smart, and their curly coats are more than adorable. They also love to be around families and groups of people and are hypoallergenic. So while you would understandably want a poodle mix, if you’re an active family, you need to choose the right one. Here are the six best poodle mixes for active families.


The cavapoo is the smallest poodle mix you will find, but they have outsized personalities. They are a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and have the best elements of each. For starters, they are, of course, very intelligent and very active. They like to work, so playing fetch with a ball or a stick is a must. They tend to have separation anxiety, so expect to have your dog around constantly. Some crate training will help with when you have to leave the house, and you can’t take your Cavapoo with you.

Cavapoos love attention and will bark if they think that you are ignoring them. While you can train that out of them, it will be annoying in the meantime for the neighbors. However, they love attention and are very sociable, so if you introduce one to the neighbors, they might fall in love and excuse the barking. One more thing: Cavapoos love a challenge. Give a Cavapoo toys that encourage effort and thinking to get a treat.


Labradoodles are a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Those are two of the most popular dog breeds in the world, so you can bet that this is a great mix to have. Their original purpose was to be hypoallergenic and a service dog, which some labs do very well. The Labradoodle is extremely active and loves running and playing with its pack. You have to be active to own one of these pups because they need a lot of exercise. If they don’t get enough, they can start with anxious behaviors, like chewing and destroying things. They also like socializing, so you can expect a labradoodle to be around all the time. If you do a lot of camping and hiking, then this dog is for you.


The Maltipoo is another tiny Poodle mix that loves being around family. These puppies are very popular because they are sweet, gentle, and they love to play. They are perfect for apartment living because they don’t need a lot of space. However, when you take them outside, it seems like they can go for hours. The interesting thing about a Maltipoo is that while they have a lot of energy to spare, they don’t need to be exercised all that much. So if you have an off day or are sick, they are just fine with that. Just be careful while you’re out playing. They can get injured because of their bone structure. Just be careful, and they should be fine. This is another dog that can suffer from separation anxiety, so be mindful of that.

Irish Doodle

Irish Doodles are a mix of Poodle and Irish Setter. They are a loveable dog, but when you see one, you will first notice chaos. They love to have fun with people and other dogs. They are very smart and love hanging out with family around the house. They are just as likely to enjoy snuggling up on the couch as playing fetch or running around the yard. They love when people are around and when there’s action happening around them.

Irish Doodle’s don’t shed, so they are perfect for a house with allergies. Remember, this is a relatively rare breed so it might take you some time to find a breeder with Irish Doodle puppies for sale.


You can’t get much cuter than a cockapoo. However, they’re cute faces, and sweet nature belies their big brains. This is a very smart mix, as the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel are the smartest dog breeds around. They love to run, and they love to work at searching and finding. The Cocker Spaniel is a hunting dog, and that aspect most often is passed on to the Cockapoo. However, that means that having other small pets in the home can be dangerous, so keep your hamsters and birds in a safe spot. The Cockapoo loves to please, so they are a treat to train. However, you may have to groom them more often than other Poodle mixes, and they shed more as well.


Schnoodle dogs love to play and romp around. They are a bit stubborn though, so make sure you train them well with positive reinforcement. They can get so caught up with playing and running that they tend to stop listening. However, they are extremely fun-loving and enjoy children and families. They can spend hours out on a hike, or they can spend time at home, watching you cook dinner or joining you in front of the television. They are in need of a lot of stimulation, so an active household is perfect for a Schnoodle.

If you are a lover of small dogs, but think they aren’t a great fit for an active household, think again. These Poodle mixes will be able to handle anything you can dish out and then some.