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6 Benefits of Stretching: Muscle Recovery, Increased Flexibility and Many More

Did you know that stretching is as important as exercise? Yes, it’s true. Stretching for about 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference for you.

According to DayFit, stretching is purely the act of extending or lengthening to the complete length or extent that our body is capable of, or, sometimes just a single body part. Stretching involves straightening or lengthening your complete structure, muscles, and limbs.

Stretching must become a part of your daily routine. Stretching helps your muscle recovery and increases blood circulation. It will also increase your flexibility.

Here are the 6 incredible benefits of stretching:

1. Improves digestion

Stretching can really help you improve digestion. It is recommendable gentle twisting yoga poses to increase blood flow to the bowels, reduce inflammation and gastritis, and strengthen the intestines.

2. Relieves stress

Stretching relieves tension and lengthens your muscles which will relieve you from stress. You can also try going to yoga classes.

3. Reduces anxiety

Stretching can help you reduce anxiety. Focus on your breathing, take deep breaths, relieve your mind and feel the anxieties go away.

4. Improves overall health

It has a really positive effect on your overall health. It can help you decrease your blood pressure, increases nutrient supply to the muscles and improves the blood flow. It can also help you fight insomnia, fatigue and infertility.

5. Eases headaches

Tension in your neck can lead to headache and stretching can help you ease it. Stretching will reduce the muscle tension and therefore soothe your terrible headache.

6. Improves posture

Stretching the muscles of the lower back, shoulders and chest can help keep the back in better alignment and improve posture.