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6 Apps to Keep you Entertained this Winter Season

What to do when your home is piled high up in snow? Got nothing but your phone to keep you company? Winter gives us the blues, unless we play a game or two. App games are your quick remedy to keep that brain cells from freezing.

Here we’ll have a rundown of the hottest apps to keep you warm this winter season. Because at this time of the year the best thing to do is to sit back, curl beside the fireplace and hit start.

Mobile Bingo

Now here’s a game that feels like your good old casino in a pocket. Dark and freezing days is a torture unless you have something to look forward to. Wink Bingo is puts the Vegas experience right at your room. Winning couldn’t be easier as you can log into this site right from your browser. This game site will let you play with the high rollers.

Gather your family for an afternoon of Mobile bingo and slot machine games. Try your luck tonight with its progressive and guaranteed jackpots. Just a warning though, their games are too distracting and time-siphoning!

Coloring Book Apps

Who says coloring books are only for kids? This coloring book for adults is a great stress-reliever. Now there is no need to bring in your crayons and watercolors palette, just use your phone. Unleash your inner Picasso with a handy app game that you can download and use offline.

This game features 3000+ coloring pages plus 7 Mandala therapy courses. Use this game for a quite afternoon without the kids. Thaw that freezing fingers into action and experiment with pixel, number and sandbox coloring. Choose one that fits your mood.

The act of giving a plain page a burst of colors can help relax your anxiety and winter blues. This coloring game app is the perfect match for kids and adults alike. Such a crafty way to fill a lazy day.


Who knows playing Sudoku can be so addicting? If you want to keep your spirits up and your mind in tip-top shape, this is your game. This Sudoku features 35000 puzzles, a tutorial and customizable levels. You have the option to start off as a beginner then progress to advanced levels as you go along the game.

This game might look intimidating at first but once you start, you are hooked. Don’t be surprised because even those who failed Math 101 can play and win this game.

No need to bring in your pencils and erasers as you can easily install this game right into your phone. The game’s interface is easy and intuitive, you can figure out the game just after a few minutes. This is your ideal companion to kill time while waiting on the train, at home or during commute.

Wonder Pool 8 Ball

Waves, splash, cool beats and the click of pool balls, ah the memories of summer! Reminisce those times with a friendly game of Wonder Pool 8 Ball right from your ball. The snow might have piled up but who says you can’t play a game of pool or billiards right at this second?

This app is best for playing a game of 8 Ball or Snooker. You have an option to play against yourself offline or with live opponents online. Take your pool table in your pocket and play with your friends just about anywhere.

Wonder Pool 8 Ball can even take your game to the next level with its champion tournament option and endless challenges.

Bubble Shooter

Who knows this retro game could be so habit-forming? Bubble Shooter is the addicting game for kids and adults. Install this at your phone and you can play anywhere, anytime, with or without internet.

This all-time favorite app at Google play is a classic. Aim and mash balls in this relaxing game. Playing this is a no-brainer as even a 3-year old can easily figure out this game.

The arcade mode is your best bet so you’ll never get bored. Advance along the levels and beat your own records. This game keeps on getting challenging as you go up the ranks. You can also try the puzzle mode and take your color-matching skills to the next level. Make no mistakes though, this app can easily suck out hours and hour of your time without you noticing! Shoot that bubbles to pop the season’s blues.

Trivia 360

Trivia 360 tests your know-how of the recent events and common knowledge. This free game can give you hours of trivia and IQ challenges. Be the life of the party and test out everyone’s puzzle solving abilities.

You can also check out how you rank up with the rest of the players through an online leaderboard. This app features a user-friendly interface. Categories are divided into true / false questions, Classic 4-answers choices, flag quiz, riddles and more. This app helps you to learn something new every hour.

Be the smartest person in the room and keep everyone entertained with this app’s hundreds of questions.

Get your brain cells working in high gear with these stimulating games. You can enjoy the brainstorming and fingertips exercise sessions on your own or share it with your family. The winter time can give us the blues, unless we keep ourselves occupied. This game apps can keep you company while making you smart at the same time.

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