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6 Adorable Things To Tell Your Partner Instead of ‘I Love You’

The three magical words ‘I LOVE YOU’ becomes a habit in a long-term relationship. You say it your partner every day over the phone call, on a message, on a social media post, and other numerous times. Although there is nothing wrong in reminding your partner again and again that you love him or her, only saying these three words to express your love is also not enough.

Therefore, there are a number of other adorable and cute things that you should often tell your partner in order to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Here are six other adorable things you should tell your partner other than just ‘I love you’:

You Still Make Me Skip A Beat

You have been into a serious relationship for a long time now and you still feel the same when you are with your partner. Don’t you? If so, then, don’t hold it back. Say him or her louder that ‘You still make me skip a beat’.

How Can Be You So Handsome/Gorgeous?

It’s been several years of dating your partner but, you still can’t get over his or her? You find your partner so handsome/gorgeous that you want to tell him or her but, don’t know what to say? Well, then just tell your sweetheart ‘How Can Be You So Handsome/Gorgeous?’

I Want To Wake Up Beside You Forever

This is one of the most beautiful things you can ever say to your partner to make him or her feel the depth of your love. If you love that feeling of waking up every morning with your partner beside you then, don’t shy away just tell him or her the same thing.

Baby, I Have Got A Surprise for You.

Surprise and gifts can always bring happiness to your relationships. So, always give gifts to your partner on special occasions. If you are in a long-distance relationship then, you can send Valentine gifts to India or US or to any other country for your partner and make him or her feel special by saying that ‘Baby I have Got A Surprise For You’.

I Can’t Manage My Life Without You

Admit it or not but, you know it deep down inside that you can’t manage your life without your life partner. Yes, your life wouldn’t have been this happy and easy if your partner wouldn’t have been this supporting and encouraging. So, let him or her know this too.

Baby, I am Only Yours and You Are Only Mine

Always make your partner feel secure and special. On a day when your partner is feeling insecure or jealous let him or her know that you are not going anywhere. Say that ‘Baby, I am only Yours and You are only mine’.

So, these are some of the most adorable things that you should tell your partner instead of ‘I Love You’ to make him or her feel secured and happy.

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