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5 Ways to Style Baroque Pearls with Your Summer Outfit

Pearls are a timeless classic. These delicate jewelry pieces are extremely versatile and have become quite popular among women of all ages. Despite the fact that they can be too classic for some tastes, they can be styled in unexpected ways, even with casual outfits.

Pearls come in different colors, sizes and shapes, some of which are truly eccentric. The most peculiar types of pearls are undoubtedly baroque ones. In this article we are going to show you 5 ways to wear and style baroque pearls.

1. Multi-colored baroque pearl statement necklace and pastels

What makes baroque pearls so alluring is their inexplicable form and unique color. Take advantage of these qualities! You can pick-up loose baroque pearls and create your one-of-a-kind statement necklace on one or multiple overlapping strands. Because the statement necklace is such a powerful accessory it should be styled with soft pastels and flowy dresses.

Don’t be afraid to play with colors. You can add crisp white, creamy, black, even pink and lavender colored baroque pearls to your ensemble. Just make sure that at least one of the colors on your outfit is also present on the necklace.

2. Simple Baroque Jewelry with Colorful Dresses

There’s nothing more refreshing than a delicate piece of jewelry associated with a colorful or patterned dress. Simple pearl jewelry is always appropriate. It is also extremely versatile and can be worn on a casual outing, cocktail party, and even with the infamous black dress.

Don’t only think about your clothes when styling your jewelry! Play around with different ensembles. For example, you could style a black baroque pearl ring with colorful nails, braided hair, and a boho-chic dress. Alternatively, you could go for a casual flowing dress, an oversized bun, sunglasses and a pair of delicate baroque pearls. Effortless, but classy. White baroque pearls have a mystical luster that will reflect the playful undertones of your dress. Most summer outfits have bright colors. This is why white or black pears are indicated.

3. White baroque pearls and silver bracelets

White baroque pearls go with everything. However, they look absolutely flawless with silver bracelets. If you are looking for a dramatic way of wearing pearls and stand out from the crowd, then combining white pearl bracelets with simple, silver bracelets is the perfect thing to do. Select 2 or 3 silver bracelets (as simple as possible) and layer 2 baroque pearl bracelets between them. Style it up with a white boho dress, a pair of jeans with a metallic shirt, or your favorite black dress.

That’s the perfect look for a hot summer. However, don’t overdo it. You probably don’t want to go for large bracelets and cover half of your arm.

4. Reverse Baroque Pearl Pendant

For a romantic dinner on the beach, you will need to prepare an amazing outfit. Did you know that you can do that without too many accessories? A you need is a long summer dress that reveals your back. Then, just add a stunning long silver necklace with a baroque pearl pendant. The interesting part is that the pendant is going to go on your back, instead of the front.

The delicate pearl is going to move around on your back and add a bit of nonconformism and mystery to your look. You don’t need anything else.

5. Long necklace and oversized baroque pearl ring

Similar to our first suggestion, only longer, more pretentious, and paired with an oversized baroque pearl ring, this type of accessorizing will definitely hit home.

We recommend using the necklace and ring combination only for a night out outfit. It will look like you over did it if you use this combination during the day. Mix with a V-cut black jumpsuit or a simple cocktail dress and a pair of heels. This is the perfect outfit for a relaxed, yet elegant entrance to any beach party, club outing, or social gathering.