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5 Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like a Home

A clean and welcoming home sure is refreshing after a long day at work, but there is something missing. You still don’t feel ‘at home’ just yet. You’ve gone through the process of buying a house, moving in and unpacking your belongings, but it just doesn’t feel like home yet. Well, time will help that, but we can also provide a few ideas to provide some ‘at home comfort.’

Check out these 5 ideas on how you can dress up your house and make it feel more like home:

1. Hang Artwork

Hanging unique artwork on the walls is an immediate way to personalize your space. Consider browsing local galleries or art shows for something that speaks to you. Research shows that looking at artwork can reduce stress and increase overall happiness and satisfaction with life. Artwork that is an heirloom or something that you place in every home adds personality. The more you surround yourself with familiar things and artwork that makes you feel good, the quicker your house will begin to feel like home.

2. Keep It Clean

While some houses are almost sterile in their cleanliness (who remembers the plastic furniture covers from Grandma’s?), keeping your home clean and clutter-free can actually boost your sense of well-being. Studies show that a chaotic, dirty environment can lead to unfocused thoughts and a sense of unease.

Taking the time to clean your home, or hiring a housekeeper if you’re busy, creates a sense of responsibility and belonging. Your physical space is an extension of how you feel about yourself. Keeping floors clean and sheets and towels freshly washed goes a long way toward making your home more comfortable.

3. Soft Textures

Surround yourself with things that feel good. A soft couch in touchable fabric, lush rugs even in the kitchen and bathrooms, and plenty of squishy throw pillows invite relaxation. Fabric that is inflexible or stiff makes it more difficult to truly relax.

Accessories like weighted blankets are demonstrated to reduce anxiety, something you wish for a stress-free home. Cozy blankets and a soft couch or cushioned chair invite curling up with a good book to relax.

4. Go Green with Plants

Liveplants have been shown to decrease stress and add a soothing feel to a room. Many kinds of plants, especially those with big leaves, cleanse the air from toxins and increase the oxygen saturation of a room. Many houseplants are low-maintenance and add a sense of nature into your house, even if they’re neglected for a couple of weeks.

Introducing nature, both in greenery and fresh blossoms, produces feelings of relaxation and contentment. Taking the time to grow plants, even for those with a brown thumb, is an investment of time and energy into your home.

5. Indulge Your Sense of Smell

Making a home feel like a relaxing spa retreat comes from indulging your sense of smell. Avoid the overpowering air fresheners from your grocery store. Instead, choose oil diffusers and gentle aromatherapy candles. Different scents inspire different feelings. If you have an open floor plan, be sure to coordinate your scent throughout the open spaces. Choose a bright citrus scent for a kitchen or bathroom. Lavender is a subtle aroma in a bedroom and one that produces better sleep and relaxation.

Feathering your nest isn’t just for birds. You, too, can use personal touches to make your house feel like home, even if you’re living in a rental that isn’t fully personalized. Indulging in all five senses, including smell and touch, can make you feel relaxed and invite others to share your welcoming space.