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5 Ways to Exercise Without Going to the Gym

While someone people love going to the gym, it’s not for everyone. Whether due to the cost, because you prefer to exercise outdoors, or struggle to get on the equipment during peak periods, for some, going to the gym is a nightmare. Although you could look for ways to make it more fun, are there other ways you can get an effective workout and stay in shape? Yes, you can!

Here are five different ways you can exercise without a gym.

  1. Bodyweight Exercises

Want a way to workout that not only doesn’t cost you a penny, but you can do anywhere, any time? Then bodyweight exercises could be just the thing for you. From wall sits and squats, to planks and push ups, these provide a workout using only your body weight and can help you to build up your strength and fitness levels. What’s more, you can even do these in front of the TV, or if you travel a lot, in a hotel room.

  1. Alternative Wheels

A way to make your commute more fun while also getting exercise is by ditching your car and choosing another set of wheels. This could be investing in a road bike, a pair of rollerblades, or searching for adult scooters. Either of these could burn up to 800 calories an hour, making it an effective and fun way to exercise, with no gym in sight.

  1. Standing Desks

Wouldn’t it be good if exercising didn’t eat into your free time? Well, it doesn’t have to. If you have the option, using a standing desk and a treadmill at the office could allow you to get the exercise you need, all while working. Not only could this help you feel fitter and healthier, it could boost your confidence, productivity and mental health, too.

  1. Cool Classes

One of the most common ways people exercise without a gym is by taking a class. But aerobics or bums and tums can be a bit boring and repetitive. Instead, how about taking a more unusual exercise class? This could be hula hoop, aerial silks, trapeze or barre, all of which can give you a great workout and improve your strength in a fun and refreshing way.

  1. YouTube Workouts

Lastly, if classes sound like a good idea but you lack the confidence or the cash, what can you do? The answer could be YouTube. Here you’ll find loads of free classes from personal trainers, dancers and athletes, all helping you get fit from the comfort of your home. From strength workouts and Zumba, to yoga and kick boxing, you can do them all without attending the gym.