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5 Ways To Boost Your Dating Confidence

No matter how many times you have been on a date, there is always that jittery feeling present in your stomach that makes you nervous about meeting someone new. While this is perfectly normal at times like these, it may hurt your confidence levels and even cause your date to turn into a disaster.

The truth is, when it comes to dating, almost everyone has their own insecurities that prevent them from enjoying the date with their match. Putting yourself out there may not be as easy as it sounds, especially after going through a few bad dates after which you got hurt or disappointed.

Therefore, if you want to have the best time dating, you should tweak your mindset and boost your confidence to make a great first impression on your date while staying true to your values.

To get you started, we have rounded up five strategies to help you feel more confident and become an attractive proposition to your potential partner.

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Keep it positive and light

Dating is meant to be fun, especially at the beginning when you are getting to know another person. That’s why you should try to keep things positive at all times, instead of talking about your personal problems which may drive your partner away.

So, for example, if you are gay and are looking through gay classified ads to find a potential match, make sure you keep your introduction simple and light. You want your match to associate you with fun times which you can do so by starting off your conversation with a joke or by dropping a unique message that highlights some similarities you share.

Make it about them

It is well known that anxiety is often fuelled by your own self-perception. In other words, your constant observation of how you look, what you say and what others think of you can have a great impact on your self-esteem and confidence levels. The more you do it, the more anxiety you will feel when you meet your match on a date.

Instead, try to make the date more about your potential partner, rather than about yourself. Come up with a list of questions you’d like to ask so you can show yourself as an interested person. Your match will definitely feel more attracted to you this way which will certainly boost your confidence.

Reflect on your strengths

Sometimes all you need to do to boost your confidence is to remind yourself why you are so brilliant. Taking a few minutes of your busy life every day to write down and reflect on your strengths can certainly make you feel better and more attractive.

Start by focusing on the things you are most proud of and happy with as those are the ones that drive you forward in life. Then, take note of compliments you receive throughout the day so you can train yourself to value and remember these positive thoughts.

And while you are at it, write a few more yourself and say them all out loud so you can start believing them.

Create a pre-date routine

Another useful strategy many people find helpful to boost confidence levels when dating is creating a pre-date routine. This routine involves coming up with several activities that can help you release tension and make you be fully present on the date.

Some great activities you can consider include listening to music, trying meditation, dancing or physical exercise, all of which can help increase your serotonin levels and get you mentally ready for your date.

Also, don’t forget to plan the best outfit and smell your best to make yourself even more irresistible and confident.

Pay attention to body language

Never underestimate the power of body language as it can say so much about who you are. If you go on your date shaking and with sweaty palms, there is a good chance you will drive your potential partner away.

Instead, stand up tall and smile naturally so it will show your match that you are genuinely enjoying your date.

And if you really like your date, use affectionate gestures such as touching the shoulder or leaning in close to increase sensuality and sexual tension.

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Final thoughts

Dating should be fun and if you spend your time overthinking or worrying about what your date will think of you, then there is something you are doing wrong. The whole point is to enjoy yourself, be relaxed and most importantly, be yourself. And if you need help along the way, follow the tips from our post and boost your confidence levels for dating success.