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5 Ways to Add Boho Bottoms and Clothing to Your Wardrobe

The term ‘Boho’ is short for Bohemian. A style that has dated back to the 60’s and 70’s era, it has now made a comeback and is trending in many countries, cities and towns. The idea behind it is more of a lifestyle, and the clothing that accompanies it gives the message of a free spirit or a hippy.

The typical characteristics of Boho fashion include long flowy dresses, and skirts and ethnic materials and Jewellery. Examples of these include tunics and embroidery fashion as well as accessories made up of countless beads, fringed handbags and flat sandals. Needless to say, it is a layered look and a colorful one.

Jewelry and clothing are often made of eco-friendly materials like wood and hemp materials. Which are the best types of materials you could buy as they last a long time and are sturdy. There are many benefits of wearing hemp clothing which include its strength is three times that of any material like cotton or silk.

It also makes less of an environmental impact in the manufacturing process and requires far less water, plus it is cheaper to produce. This link can tell you more about this.

Today the idea of boho clothing is work by everyone including celebrities, and Hollywood stars, as well as musicians. However, they tend to mix them with a modernistic look. So if you’re keen on adding some of this style to your wardrobe we have a few ways you can do that, below.

Add Patterns

If you’re looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your clothing, patterns would do the trick. Go for floral patterns and prints, nature-inspired materials and tie and dye patterns to create the look. This bohemian chic look can be your everyday wear too. Why not add patterns to your home too, with some of these exciting tips: https://www.thespruce.com/decorators-guide- to-bohemian-style-1977570

If you like to wear jeans, you can wear a patterned top with a cold scarf to go with it. Layer it with wooden Jewellery and call it a day! Why not throw on a fedora, and don’t forget your ankle boots to finish off the look. Some would rather make less of an effort and go for a floral wrap-around dress with slip-on sandals or flats, that could work too.

Go the Length

Wearing maxi dresses that sweep the floor is also part of the look, so buy those that go the length down to your feet or ankles, and also a pair of palazzo pants can create the look for you. A loose dress is what it is all about. Flowing skirts and natural materials can be your thing this summer.

Bohemian dresses are what the fashionistas are all about, they come in various patterns and different lengths and are possibly some of the most comfortable types of clothing you can wear. If it gets too cold slip on a chunky cardigan for a fabulous look for those chilly evenings during sunset.

The Fringe and Tassels

Have you seen those bags or skirts that have tassels hanging from them? These are known as fringes, and anything with them comprises of a bohemian look. Bags especially with fringing complement any look in this category. It adds a quirky look and one in a suede material can work extremely well with an ankle-length dress or maxi dress too.

Slip-on some bohemian pants in an earthy hue and some flats to go with it. These also come in various lengths and can be worn with a plain or patterned top and accessorized with beads or long earrings and an oversized cardigan that drops to your knees.

If ever there was a casual look that worked both during the day or night, it could be this one. not to mention it is as comfortable as it gets. Colors you can add to your range besides earthy tones include oranges, rusty reds, blues and greens, and also shades of browns could work. Think happy colors and you will be on the right track to adding some wonderous pieces to your boring wardrobe and make heads turn while you’re at it.

Although this look has been around since the70s, you can be sure that it will dip in and out of the decades for as long as time exists, so you will almost always be in trend when wearing any one of the outfits mentioned above.