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5 Ways to Know You are Pregnant Without Using the Test Kit

Of late, technology has advanced in every sphere making life simple.  It still one can’t neglect the fact that were used by our ancestors to determine any cause of action without the technology.

One such thing is to know whether you are pregnant or not without the use of home pregnancy test. Although almost everyone uses the test kits to determine the pregnancy easily. But in time of our mothers or grandmother, it wasn’t so.

At that time there were these quick hacks and home remedies that were used to confirm the news.

Today we will discuss the five ways in which people used to confirm pregnancy without using the test kit. Most of these hacks are still used in rural areas.

  1. Barley and wheat Test: believe it or not, but this way of confirming pregnancy came from ancient Egypt and it was recently tested in labs as well. It gave shockingly results with up to 70% accuracy. All that is required is that the woman has to urinate on both barley and wheat seeds for seven days. If the barley seed bears sprout it’s a boy and if wheat seeds sprouts then it will be a girl and if none sprouts, the woman isn’t pregnant.
  2. Urine test at home: All you need to do is collect the urine in a hotel and store in untouched for at least three to four hours. If a thin white film appears on top, it would mean you are expecting or if you don’t find any changes in the urine then there is no pregnancy.
  3. Bleach test: Take a sample of your first morning urine in a small container and add bleaching powder to it, if the urine starts to fizz and foam, You are pregnant.
  4. Toothpaste test: Collect your first urine sample of that day in a bottle. Now take small amount of white toothpaste, to this add the urine sample. Wait for couple of hours, if the urine changes colour or it froth there are high chances of your pregnancy.
  5. Missed periods: Well your missed periods are your first sign of pregnancy, if you have missed your period, then take this mustard test. Prepare a bath with mustard powder( which is period inducer) followed by a warm bath. If you start your periods in a day or two after this, it was just a false alarm, but if you do not begin your periods for another week or more, you probably are pregnant.

Well, there is some home-based pregnancy test that was used by midwives in early days to predict pregnancy.

But today it’s very convenient to use home pregnancy test kits to get the result. Anyways these home trial tests are fun only if you are experimenting with safe things. It’s no harm, instead it’s fun to wait and find out your result just that be a bit cautious and avoid using dangerous things if any.

So bet if luck ladies, you can safely use these methods to know your pregnancy status, without any harm.