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5 Ways To Get The Engagement Ring You Really Want

Cosmopolitan reports that a staggering 57% of women aren’t happy with their engagement ring. That’s disappointing considering that your engagement ring will be one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear, short of your wedding ring. An engagement ring is a symbol of your union and future. Here are a few ways to make sure that he’ll get you one you’ll really love.

Show Him What You Like

If you know exactly what you like you can drop him subtle hints by adding bookmarks of engagement rings you like on his laptop or tablet. For example, if you’re interested in the diamond engagement rings at Baunat you’ll want to filter the choices down to the type of alloy, gemstone and shape your prefer.

If you have an actual photo you can cut it out and leave it in his books, office or pillow; just about anywhere you know he’ll find it. You can also drop hints about what you like or don’t like. Make sure he’s onboard with the engagement first before you start dropping hints; otherwise he may get turned off.

Have A Third Party Give Your Guy The Scoop

If you’re too reserved to let him know what you like you can ask a friend or relative to accompany him ring shopping. Let your friend know exactly what you like in terms of cut, band size, shape, setting and stone. Show her pinterest boards with rings that you like. Make sure she knows your likes, dislikes and most importantly your ring size.

Shop Together

Shopping together is an excellent way to show your fiance the ring of your dreams if you’re practical and not looking for a major surprise. You’ll be able to try various engagement rings on and let him know what you like or don’t like. Shopping together can be empowering since you’ll have a direct say in choosing your engagement ring. It can also serve as an excellent bonding experience. The only con here is that he may not be able to afford the ring you like plus you’ll know exactly how much he spent which can take romance out of it.

Create A Wishlist

If you want to let him know what you like while still keeping an element of surprise create a wishlist of various rings that you like. This will give him the ability to also have a say in the ring choice and you’ll both end up happy.

Leave Your Existing Jewelry Around For Inspiration

If you’re not particular about the cut or setting you want and prefer an element of surprise you can leave your jewelry box and existing rings around for inspiration. This method can be a bit risky since you’re assuming that he’ll be able to tell what you like from observing your current pieces. This method works best if you trust his taste and aren’t overly picky.

Don’t Expect Him To Read Your Mind

Guys aren’t mind readers and his idea of the perfect engagement ring may be completely different than yours. If you have your heart set on a specific ring the only way to get it is to let him know what you want.