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5 Ways to Have the Best First Date Ever

Most first dates aren’t easy, but these tricks definitely clear the path to having the best time. Have you tried these yet?

Before your first date, your mind will be all over the place. You’ll probably feel nervous and excited. You’ll have lots of questions and expectations.

This is normal, but it’s best to quell it before your date!

Try these 5 tricks to have the best first date ever.

1. Go without Expectations

It’s empowering to leave your expectations at home!

Leaving your expectations at home allows you to live in the moment on your first date.

Is he actually interested in me? I can’t date someone who likes Big Bang Theory! Will her mother like me? Where do I see myself with this person in two years?

When you spend the first date with expectations in tow, you worry so much that you can’t do what you went there to do: get to know someone on an enjoyable outing.

Leaving your expectations at home will help you relax, have fun and…

2. Be Yourself

Being yourself on your first date is essential. For our purposes, be yourself means: be who you usually are.

When you are yourself, you allow your date to confidently make up their mind about you (and you about them).

Pretending to be someone you’re not will only lead to hurt feelings and disappointment. You can’t build a good relationship, however fleeting or long, on a shaky foundation.

3. Skip the Usual Stuff

Do something different on your first date. This means doing what you normally do on your days off are out (unless it’s just that awesome).

Take whatever you already know of your date and take them to activities and events in your town.

Instead of going to the movies or out to dinner, consider one of these date ideas:

  • Make and take craft shops
  • Art in the Park
  • Billiards
  • Apple Picking
  • Hiking
  • Sporting Events

Going on an out-of-the-ordinary date is exciting for both of you. It will show your adventurous side!

4. Conversation Topics

Think up some conversation topics beforehand for a smoother date.

Instead of “conversation topics”, it’s probably better to think of them as, “questions which lead to conversation topics”.

If you lead the conversation without asking your date any questions, they’ll likely think you’re self-centered and have no interest in them.

Instead, ask open-ended questions like, “What do you do for fun?” or “Why is that your favorite place to travel?”

If the mood feels right, you can also ask riskier questions like, “do you have a funny one-night-stand story?” or “have you ever broken someone’s heart?”

Choosing the right conversation topics can lead to great results!

Asking open-ended questions allows you to learn more about your date while creating a foundation for emotional and sexual intimacy.

5. Put Your Phone Away

Keep your phone out of your date … as much as possible.

Put your phone on silent and put it away during your date. This will foster the connection you’re both trying to create!

Unless it’s something you cannot share with them without showing, it is best to explain an anecdote yourself. When you don’t even have your phone in your hand, you’re less tempted to “just do a quick check on Facebook”.

Have fun and enjoy the person you’re with instead! Real people beat Facebook posts any day.