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5 Unusual and Simple Ways to Burn Calories You’ve Never Tried Before

We all know that eating the right foods and exercising regularly are the best ways to burn calories. On the other hand, there are some other, quite unusual ways that can boost the calorie burning process.

Here are the 5 unconventional ways you can burn calories:


1. Drink Cold Water

Water truly is the best beverage that can keep your body hydrated. Drinking water can temporarily boost your metabolism and prevent obesity. Many studies have shown that cold water maximizes the calorie burning process.

Drinking 500ml cold water can increase calorie burning by 25-30% in just 90 minutes.

2. Chew Gum

Chewing gum can promote the feeling of fullness and can help you reduce your calorie intake. Once recent study has shown that chewing gum can also speed up your metabolism, especially if it’s chewed right after having a meal.

Remember to choose sugar-free gums.

3. Cold Exposure

Exposure to cold will boost your metabolism by stimulating brown fat activity. Brown fat is fat that can help you lose weight, control your diabetes and increase your calorie burning.

Studies have shown that cold exposure can increase the calorie burning process depending on the amount of brown fat you have in your body.

Take a cold shower, slightly lower the temperature in your room and just take a walk outside on the cold.

4. Donate Blood

Not only will save someone’s life but it will also temporarily increase the calorie you burn. When you donate blood, your body uses all its energy to synthesize red blood cells and new proteins. Donating also has many other health benefits such as increasing antioxidant activities, reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering inflammatory processes.

5. Laugh More

Laughter will not only improve your mental health, immunity and memory, but will also help you burn calories. It won’t help you lose those pounds fast, but it’s a great way to improve your overall health.