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5 Types of Women Men Do Not See As Life Partners

Relationships and marriage both constitute an important part of our lives. Even when we are children, we are told stories of true love, lifelong companionship, commitment and endless romance- but how far do these ideals and stories translate to real life?

Being together demands more than just having fun together. There has to be compatibility between two people and a mutual understanding that will hold them together. Two people who just have a good time when they hang out three times a week is not enough. There is much more to it.

Men and women have different ideals and expectations when it comes to relationships and in this article, we will be discussing the kind of women men are put off by, when they think of something long term:

1. They do not like being bossed around

This one is actually quite easy. No adult would want another adult telling them what to do. It is frankly insulting and quite restrictive. What they do or want to do is their business and they would hate to be controlled and told things just because they are with you.

2. They do not like being pet projects

In life, one has to pretend to like things they do not, do things they do not want to do just to make sure people like them. They have to be actors to be socially acceptable. This is not something they want to do at home. They do not want to perform anymore. They just want to be who they are and you should be someone accepting them for their genuine self.

3. They do not like jealousy

A little bit of jealousy and possessiveness is cute, but when it gets a little too much, it is unbearable. To suspect him of cheating on you all the time will only make him get tired of you.

4. They do not like dullness

Well, this is no surprise. No one likes to take part in a dull relationship without any stimulating conversation and exciting activities. It has been noted that men enjoy spending time with women who enjoy the same things as they do, because that way, there is always something to talk about and have a fun time.

5. They do not like pigeonholed women

When an adult man begins a relationship with you, he expects you to be a self-assured individual because that is a true sign of maturity. They are really put off when a woman needs to run everything by her parents to get their approval and validation. It is a sign of deep-seated insecurities that just scream issues later in the relationship.

The standards are not very high, they never were, as far as the personality aspect of relationships is concerned. A well-balanced individual who can hold their own and have a good mind on their shoulders is always a joy to be around.

So, ladies, just remember these few points and fall in love, stay in love and keep it real. Best of luck.