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5 Tricks That Will Make Your Wrinkles Less Visible

A good beauty routine and a healthy diet can do wonders for your skin, but what else can you do to look instantly younger? You don’t need any plastic surgery, these simple tricks will make your wrinkles less visible and you’ll look younger in just a minute.


Here are the tricks that can make your wrinkles less visible:

1. Apply Primer

Applying primer before applying your foundation is always a good idea. The primer has a silky texture and it will improve your complexion and cover up your wrinkles. You’ll look younger in just a minute!

2. Less Foundation

It’s really important to use less foundation as you get older. The foundation will only accentuate your wrinkles instead of covering them up. Instead of applying heavy foundation, start using BB creams.

3. Be Careful Around the Eye Area

If you want to look 10 years younger, you need to pay extra attention on the area around your eyes. Those wrinkles around your eyes are mainly caused by skin dehydration.
To cover up the wrinkles around your eyes, you need to apply moisturizing cream and then use a creamy concealer. Avoid using foundation around the eye area.

4. High Pony Tail

This simple trick will work as an instant lift and will make your wrinkles less visible.

5. Highlighter

Your highlighter can become your best friend. Apply some highlighter under your cheeks and above your cheekbones. You’ll instantly look younger and fresher.

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