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5 Top Brands to Decorate Your Bedroom

Having a comfortable bedroom that looks beautiful is somewhat a necessity. The quality of your sleep depends highly on how well the bedroom is designed and equipped. It is also not a secret that the tone of your bedroom can very much dictate the ambience of the entire house.

Fortunately, you now have more options than ever when it comes to decorating your bedroom. From the most beautiful wallpaper and the right set of furniture, to the right mattress and linens, you have a lot of brands to tap into when decorating the bedroom. Here are five you could consider.

Anna Spiro

Anna Spiro is a household name in the interior design world. She is a well-known interior designer who passionately loves colours and patterns. Her years of experience in creating gorgeous yet functional interiors are exactly why her line of products are so popular on the market.

Anna Spiro wallpapers are among the best on the market if you want to make your bedroom more beautiful. You have a choice of patterns, colours, and even textures to mix and match. Each wallpaper is made of high-quality materials and they are very easy to install.

Brosa Furniture

Brosa Furniture is an Australia-based company that specialises in furniture design. The company is run as an online-only business, but it has an extensive catalogue of furniture and home accessories you can browse through on their website.

Unlike other furniture brands, the designs you will see in Brosa’s catalogue feel very familiar. The furniture and decorative pieces are the kinds of items that emit that homely feel, allowing you to create a warm, comfortable, and functional bedroom with ease.

Logan and Mason

We can’t talk about top brands to decorate your bedroom without talking about Logan and Mason. The brand is famous for its superb linen, pillowcases, and other items designed to make getting good night’s sleep even easier.

The 1,000gsm Pillowtop Mattress Topper by Logan and Mason is a must-have. You can also pick up Logan and Mason sheets and pillows to complete the set. Even the accessories, such as the collection of square cushions from this brand, are fantastic.

Da Vinci

Next, we have Da Vinci, the leading brand in luxury bedroom products and decorative pieces. You can never go wrong with a Da Vinci piece, especially if you have a more classic bedroom and you want to turn it into a comfortable yet beautiful space.

Expect Da Vinci products such as the Boa Black Cushion and the different cover sets available from the company to win your heart in an instant. They are not only beautiful and well-designed, but they work really well when mixed and matched with other bedroom pieces as well.


Last but certainly not least, we have Ultima. Ultima combines functionality and beauty perfectly, which is why their line-ups of bedroom accessories and other pieces are so popular on the market. The Chevron series of pillowcases is a good example of how colours and patterns can work so well together.

Ultima also makes a wide range of cushions, including European pillows and long cushions that are a joy to use. You will never miss out on having a thoroughly enjoyable sleep with Ultima pillows and cushions. The brand’s fur throws and other accessories are just as gorgeous.

There are still other brands that offer gorgeous (and functional) pieces for your bedroom. The increasing love for smart home appliances also means that brands like Google and Amazon also have a place in the bedroom. These five top brands and their wide range of products are the perfect brands to begin with when you are redecorating the bedroom.

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