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5 Toddler’s Friendly, Super Cute Christmas Trees

Christmas is coming and we’re all starting to decorate and prepare our homes for our favorite, joyful holiday. The difference is that this year you have a little one who is grabbing everything and the idea of putting a Christmas tree in the middle of the room starts to look terrifying. Luckily for you, we have found some amazing Christmas tree options that are safe for your toddlers. The best thing is they’re easy and simple to make, they’re neither fragile nor messy. Take a look at our ideas and choose the best Christmas tree for your household.

1. Printed Tree


It’s a great fun for toddlers. They can color the tree and put gifts around it.

2. Chalkboard Tree


This is excellent for the whole family. It’s time go bring out the artist in you.

3. Lights Tree


The best thing about Christmas are the lights. Take out the lights and create an entire glowing Christmas tree.

4. Felt Tree


It’s an excellent interactive tree option. Your toddlers will love it.

5. Advent Tree


One thing is better than a Christmas tree and that’s a Christmas tree and advent calendar all in one.