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5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift from the Bridal Registry

So, a friend’s wedding is looming and you can’t figure out a wedding gift that willboth appeal to their interests and truly embody the friendship you share with them. You want something big enough to match such a memorable day in their lives but not too big for your pocket size. Your friend’s expectations are running highand you have an endless list of options to choose from. Worse yet, if you’ve never had to buy a wedding gift before you probably don’t know where to start.

The good news is if the soon-to-be husband and wife have prepared a wedding registry you can find online, then choosing a gift becomes much easier.  Registriessave you the hassle of having to filter your vast list of gift options down into something the couple actually needs.

The following tips willhelp you navigate your friend’s wedding registry to find the perfect gift.

Tip #1: Act Quickly

The wedding registry provides a good place to start but it also curtails the pool of options at the guests’ disposal. Consider finding and visiting the registry as soon as it is available. If you take your time, you are risking giving up your freedom of choice and may get stuck with the options of a single spatula or the $1000+ fine china set.

Remember to always stick to the wedding registry regardless of what is left in it, buying your friend that blender they have always needed is way better than going for the ‘big and unexpected’gift. Your top priority as a guest and a close friend is to help the couple get the items they want and need to start building their life together. If you think your gift wasn’t adequate, supplement rather than replace it with something better outside the registry.

Tip #2: Customize Your Gift

A conventional wedding gift such as a set of bath towels or wine glasses would display a personalized touch if they came witha monogram of the couple’s initials. It will also show that you cared enough to make the gift relevant to an occasion that is very important in your friend’s life. There are lots of creative ways to personalize wedding gifts depending on your relationship with the couple and the present you have chosen for them.

Tip #3: Team Up with Other Guests

Consider pooling with other guests to get the couple some of the most expensive items on their wish list. This is a great option if you are late on the registry and what’s remaining are the cheaper miscellaneous items and thebig-ticket items. Ask around to see if anyone is interested in purchasing the gift as a group to give the couplesomething they never thought they’d get.

Tip #4: Cover the Basics

Try to find a good balance between classy and useful if you want the couple to really appreciate your gift. Those essential items may seem “boring” but they’re on the registry for a reason and it is important to cover the basics first. Imagine splurging on a bottle of champagne only to realize no one bought the useful and perhaps more affordableset of pots and pans in the registry.

Give priority to casual dining and day-to-dayitems, classic towels and white dishes may seem cheap and boring, but they are functional and will come in handy for the couple when the wedding stir finally settles.

Step #5: Self-selected Home Décor is not a Good Idea

What a living room looks like is a matter of personal preference.No matter how well you know the couple, tastes fluctuate and people change, you don’t want to give the gift that gets hung on the wall twice a year when you come visit. Unless the couple states clearly what they want in the registry, it would be wise to avoid home décor altogether.

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a wedding gift is the couple and their new life together. Keep their needs and wants ahead of yours and let it come from the heart and you will be sure to give a gift they love.