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5 Tips to Spot Fake Designer Makeup

It’s a known fact that high-end cosmetic brands are counterfeited. Fake copies can be found almost anywhere and unfortunately, can cause severe damage to your skin and health.

If you’re not sure how to spot whether the product you’re using is the real deal or a fake one, these 5 tips will help you and keep your beauty collection free of counterfeits.

1. Buy cosmetics from authorized retailers only


This might come as a surprise, but sometimes even large stores can sell fake products. Check the website of the manufacturer to see whether they sell their products in the stores you’re buying. Original products can be quite expensive, but luckily, the official retailers often reduce their prices. Be aware that sometimes a high price doesn’t mean that the product is an original.

2. Check the shades of the product


Fake blushes, shadows, powders and lipsticks are often produced in different shades than the originals. If you don’t want to end up with a fake one, check the manufacturer’s website to see the shades in the original products.

3. Pay attention to the consistency and smell


Creamy products shouldn’t contain impurities nor separate. Matte products shouldn’t contain sparkles. If the product has a strange or a heavy odor that might be an indication that it’s a fake. Original designer mascara has a pleasant smell and nice consistency.

4. Check sponges and brushes


Sometimes you can spot a fake product by the sponges and brushes. They can differ in shape, color, sizes and quality.

5. Test the makeup first


Always try the testers in the store and remember original blushes and eye shadows won’t smear and original lipstick will always apply smoothly.