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5 Tips for Preventing Distracted Driving

Whether you’ve recently passed your driving test, or you’ve been on the road for many years, there are more distractions than ever before. While technology has created gadgets such as GPS systems and dashcams for your vehicle, many motorists make the mistake of not keeping their full attention and concentration on the road.

Most distractions are completely avoidable, so to reduce your chances of being in a car accident, here are 5 tips for preventing distracted driving.

Stow Your Phone

If you use your smartphone as a GPS, it’s crucial that you aren’t fiddling with it while in motion. Whether you’re going on a family vacation, heading to a work conference or performing day to day errands, if you need directions for your trip, make sure that you get everything in order before taking off. Make sure that you stow your smartphone in a place where you’re not likely to check it as you drive.

Set Rules

If you have other passengers in the car, your attention needs to be solely on what is in front and behind your vehicle. Whether it’s young children, family members, or friends, if you find it difficult to concentrate on driving while conversing, make sure that you establish rules from the beginning. As the driver, you are responsible for other members in your vehicle, so don’t be afraid to set boundaries.

Avoid Eating

If you’re in a rush for work or need to do the school run, you may be inclined to finish your breakfast as you drive from A to B. While it may seem like a time saving opportunity, eating behind the wheel will reduce how attentive you are to other drivers. One of the main causes of distraction are food spillages, so it’s best to avoid eating while you drive.

Don’t Drive If You’re Tired

While it may seem like an obvious tip, many drivers make the mistake of hitting the road when they’re tired. Feeling drowsy and sleepy will put you at an immediately higher risk of a car crash.  Government surveys also show that 37% of drivers in the United States have actually fallen asleep behind the wheel. Tiredness can kill, so it’s important that you take a break as and when you need one. If you find yourself in a car accident as a result of another motorist driving when drowsy, it’s important that you pick a car accident lawyer with a proven track record.

Be a Good Role Model

If you are a parent, your child will look up to you and follow your lead. Before you know it, your child will soon become road age ready, so it’s imperative that you set a good example when driving from an early age. Demonstrating attentive driving will show your children how important it is to be in control behind the steering wheel.

Whether you’re only heading down the road or further afield, keeping your eyes on the road at all times is crucial. The last thing you want is to add to the statistic of car accidents in the United States, so following all the tips above can help prevent distracted driving.