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5 Tips for Every Bride When Planning the Wedding

No matter what type of wedding you plan, regardless of how big or how small, certain details will apply to nearly every kind of wedding. From invitations to deciding what will happen after the big day, you may need a little extra coaching and support along the way.

Here are five tips for every bride who’s focused on her big “one day only” event.

Plan Ahead for the Post-Wedding

When you’re returning from your unforgettable honeymoon to face a hundred different post-wedding tasks that demand attention, it can be a big letdown. Tasks like returning unwanted gifts or deciding whether to store or sell your wedding dress will all generate far less anxiety if you plan ahead, not only in terms of saving you time but potentially saving a ton of money as well.

You certainly don’t want to be on your honeymoon and pondering: “Did I remember to pay the caterer?” Set yourself up for a truly celebratory vacation by taking care of business first.

Think About What You Can DIY

Let’s face it. Weddings can become expensive very, very quickly. You hire a caterer and photographer, search for the perfect invitations, and depending on the venue, may even have to locate chairs and tables to rent and have delivered as well as taken away.

As you track the fine details, consider what you might be able to do yourself instead of having to pay extra for others to handle. For example, maybe you have a background in design or are able to navigate programs like Canva.

Exercising your talents and skills could be a great way to design your own wedding invitations instead of hiring someone else to do it.

Or maybe you are an avid crafter and could come with a way to make your centerpieces for next to nothing. As long as DIY details don’t add any further stress to your preparations, it might be worth trying to see what you can manage on your own.

Write Your Vows Ahead of Time

It’s surprising how many couples assume “I could just wing it” on their wedding day. But when it comes to your vows, we can guarantee you don’t want to simply hope for the best.

I myself have been to a wedding where the groom decided to wing it because he thought it was a matter of the heart. But once he was handed the microphone and the spotlight was on him, he stumbled through words that came out a little less than romantic.

It was a sweet gesture, but trust us when we say you will absolutely want to write down your wedding vows ahead of time so they’re ready to hand.

Give Yourself a Safe Space

The wedding day is going to be crowded with handshakes, hugs, and chats with cousins or grandparents you might not have seen in a while. By the end of a night that includes dancing in your high heels, it’s entirely understandable that you might feel burned out.

To lessen the effects, find yourself a safe space within the wedding venue ahead of time. This should be a place that’s calm and available only for you any time you need to take a moment to breathe. Give yourself permission to remember what your special day is really all about.

Do What You Love, Not What Is “In”

Trends come and go, but what makes you who you are deep down will last. Basing your wedding plans on the latest fads won’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate for you.

When you start to plan your theme, make it primarily about you. Maybe you love the ocean and would appreciate soft blues and whites to remind you of your favorite part of the world.

On the other hand, perhaps you like most to go out in the woods, so a palette of greens and browns with flashes of bright flowers would be more your style. Don’t book a venue at an art gallery if you aren’t the gallery type of person.

Don’t book seafood if you don’t love the smell of salmon. On this day, though it’s an opportunity to gather your friends and family to celebrate yourself and your partner, that doesn’t mean it has to be Pinterest-worthy. It should be about what will make the two of you the happiest.


These tips barely skim the surface when it comes to planning your wedding. Take a significant chunk of time to think hard about what would make you feel the best when you’re at the center of it all.

Because like we said, this day is about uniting you and your partner for life … not about whether everyone was knocked out by the incredible centerpieces.