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5 Tips for Buy a Child’s Bike

 Learning how to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage for most children. However, to enjoy this rite and make them want to ride, a child’s bicycle must properly fit him or her. If you’re about to buy your child a bike, use these tips to ensure it is the right size.

Know How Bikes are Sized

Children’s bicycles are not sized according to the frame, but the size of the wheel. Some of the most common sizes for children are:

·         12”

·         14”

·         16”

·         18”

·         20”

·         24”

A 12” bicycle will fit most two to four-year-old children, while a 14” will be suitable for kids who are three to six. However, it is better to select a bicycle by your child’s height. The taller your child is, the larger the wheel should be.

Measuring for a Bicycle

To properly fit your son or daughter for a bicycle, measure their inseam. Since children grow at different rates, your three-year-old may be tall enough to fit a bike that is considered appropriate for a child that is four.

Take your child with you when shopping for a bicycle and have them sit astride it. When they are standing up with the bike between their legs, their feet should be flat on the ground. A child will have better control of a bike that fits them, which will make riding safer for them.

Choose a Lightweight Bike

Test the weight of the bicycles you’re considering and choose the lightest one. Many kids’ bikes can be heavy, weighing almost 50% of the child’s weight. A heavy bicycle can be difficult for them to steer, which can make falling more likely.

Bicycles made with aluminum or titanium frames will be the lightest choices. However, you may be able to find one with a good quality steel frame that is light enough for your child to handle. Before buying it, have your child test it to see if they can easily handle the bike.

Buy from a Bike Shop

While you may save some money on a bicycle by buying it at a big box store, you will get a better quality bicycle from a bicycle shop or online. Also, you will get expert advice at a bike store, while at most big box stores, you will be on your own.

If a local bike shop doesn’t have what you’re looking for, consider ordering one online. By knowing your child’s inseam measurements and reading the specifications of the choices, you will find good quality children’s bikes from Reid Cycles.

Keep it Simple

If you’re buying a bicycle for a child under the age of five, don’t bother getting one with gears. The bike should be as easy to operate as possible when they are young and first learning to ride. It will also save weight because the more components that are on the bike, the heavier it will be.

By following these tips, you should be able to find a good quality bicycle for a child of any age.

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