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5 Tips For Better Health

Now is the appropriate time to jumpstart both your mind and body to set up 2018 as your best and most successful year yet. The best way to do this is using the LSF Lifestyle Makeover Plan. You might have tried other things that have let you down, but this won’t

Everybody focuses on working out and eating clean at this time of year, but the reason why a lot of people never meet the goals they set is the failure to transform their lives to support the goals. If you don’t make actual changes to your lifestyle, you will simply be setting yourself up for failure.

The 5 tips below are guaranteed to help you rock your resolutions this year.

1.  Make Your Physical Space Clean

You need to take several minutes or a few hours out of your busy schedule to clean out your space whatever it takes. Science has proven that a clean space does wonders for mental health and if you have set health goals, it is not a good idea to sabotage your efforts by leaving junk food all over your home

The best thing is to take some time, turn on some music you love and make it fun. Clean out your office, closet, pantry, or dorm room. Pay away those holiday decorations. Alternatively, be ambitious and tackle your entire space. Do whatever you have to day. Simply get it done and you are guaranteed to feel restored, renewed, and even restored.

2. Clean Out Your Mental Space

The decluttering principles that you use on your physical space apply to your mental space too. Set aside some time to clear your mind, reflect, as well as get rid of anything that is not serving you. Get rid of the negative self-talk that your have held on for years on end. It is just holding you back.

A better idea would be to take time to reflect. You need to hold a conversation with yourself to find out what mental clutter you have been holding onto and get rid of it. Yoga is one of the best ways for your to do this. Release all the negative energy in your brain with a bit of assistance from the body and you will definitely be unstoppable,

3. Have a Plan

Setting goals in the absence of a clear plan to achieve them is simply asking for trouble. It is estimated that about 92 percent of all the New Year resolutions fail. The main reason why they fail is because people set goals without having a plan in place or without making actual changes.

Decide what your vision looks for a happier, healthier you in 2018. What does it mean to you? How can you actually get there? Take the time to note it down. If you take time to write it down, you are not only more likely to achieve the goals, but also have to confront the fact whether or not you actually have a plan. If you are unable to explain how you will get there, it is highly likely that you won’t get there.

Whatever your goals may be: doing 20 push-ups, getting accepted into your preferred college, cutting sugar, a new job, or anything else, having a plan is important. The LSF Lifestyle Makeover Plan is your best bet, so ensure that you get it to set up yourself for a successful 2018.

4. Quit

Whether it’s cigarettes or alcohol, cutting down and quitting can be of notable benefit to your health.

Both of these substances are renowned for causing cancer and raising the chance of heart disease and so the less of them the better. There are safe drinking guidelines but there is no such guideline for smoking. A lot of people find vaping a good way to cut down and quit with many starting to do so with Peach Lemonade ejuice.

5. Find Your Happy

Focus on yourself because you actually deserve it. Find time in your schedule to do something that makes you happy every single week without fail. It does not necessarily have to be related to the goals you set. It does not even have to make sense to other people – you honestly don’t have to explain yourself to anybody.

All you need to do is find your happy and simply follow it. Do the things that make you unapologetically awesome. Once you do, you will discover that you have much more zest for life. Recharge your batteries so that you have much more to give to your goals, to others, as well as back to yourself.

Recipe for Success

This has been a discussion of the 5 important steps to success for setting yourself up to achieve the resolutions that you have set.

Bonus tip 6: community. The community that you will find at LSF is something to be very proud of. You are an amazing individual and there’s nothing that you cannot do or rather nothing that we cannot do especially when together. Reach out to other LSF community members on Instagram, meet up with them for in-person exercises, green juice, or whatever you prefer. With the community and the 5 steps discussed here, you are guaranteed to rock the resolutions you make.

6. Get More Sleep

Sleep is great, but sometimes it can be counterintuitive to find extra time for sleep when you have just added something more on your to-do list. Still, sleep is guaranteed to help you actually get to the goals you set.

Sleep will not only help you get to the fitness goals that you set but is also critical in helping you be at your best mentally. A properly rested person is more likely to achieve his/her goals, treat himself/herself right, and say no to temptation. So, resist the temptation to skimp out on the sleep and you are guaranteed to be happier, healthier, and ready to meet your 2018 goals every single day.