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5 Symptoms That Are Early Cancer Warning Signs

It’s not easy getting diagnosed with cancer, but today, people live longer than ever after being diagnosed thanks to the improved cancer screenings. It’s really important to do routine screenings because they’ll catch the disease early and that will increase your chances of treating it.

We’re sharing with you 5 symptoms that can indicate you might have cancer. If you notice any of these symptoms, that’s doesn’t mean you have cancer for sure, but it would be nice to get a check up.

Here are the 5 symptoms you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Fatigue

We’re not talking about the fatigue you’re feeling after a along day of work. This type of fatigue doesn’t get better no matter how much rest you get. Cancer uses the body’s nutrients and they no longer replenish our body. This can make you feel extremely tired. If this fatigue is so severe that it’s affecting your quality of life, contact your doctor.

2. Unexpected weight loss

If you notice constantly losing weight, without having the attention to lose weight, contact your doctor. In rare cases, extreme and unexpected weight loss can be an indication of cancer.

3. Pain

Cancer can cause pain when there’s a mass or a tumor pushing on other areas of your body and metastasis. If you’re experiencing pain that doesn’t seem to go away, contact your doctor.

4. Fever

Fever is a symptom of flu and a cold. Often there’s nothing to worry about, but fever can sometimes be an indication of something else. Pay attention if the fever happens mostly at night, if you experience night sweats and if you don’t have any other signs of infection.

5. Skin changes

Our skin is the window into out health, so you should be more attentive and check if there are any changes happening. Changes in moles can also be dangerous. Contact your doctor if you notice a mole that has jagged edges, if a mole has changed color and growing.