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5 Supplements that Every Woman Needs to Take

A healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone who wishes to stay fit, and the key to that ideal lifestyle lies in a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine and adequate amounts of sleep. However, a healthy diet is a very vague term and, in spite of how much we would all like to believe that eating healthy is pretty much all we need to do, it isn’t practical to expect a busywoman to have the time that is necessary to cook, measure and eat a perfect diet every single day of the week! Unfortunately, the body needs most of the nutrients on a daily basis and that’s precisely where these five essential supplements come in. They allow us to supply our bodies with the necessary nutrients when the diet alone is not enough.


Calcium is one of the fundamental nutrients that the human body needs to take in through the diet, and women in particular benefit from supplementing with calcium. The sad fact remains that women in general are more prone to developing osteoporosis and other diseases of the bone than men and that is why calcium supplements are a must for women of all ages, but especially those that have already crossed their thirties. Be sure to drink plenty of water, though, and you might need to go off calcium pills every now and then to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Cal-Mag-K 250 capsules by Nutri Dyn are excellent options that even help in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.


Aside from calcium, iron is another fundamental nutrient that women need on a constant basis and in larger quantities than men under normal circumstances. As you can imagine, this has to do with the fact that women lose a lot more blood than men in general during menstrual cycles. If you experience chronic complications during menstruation such as heavy flow, you should consider supplementing your daily diet with extra iron. It is quite common for women to even become anemic without ever realizing it, so that’s one more reason as to why it is often necessary to take iron supplements before becoming deficient in it.

B Vitamins

In total, there are eight different types of B vitamins and, although all of them are essential for energy production, each of them also servesmultiple different but important functions in our systems. B vitamins cannot be stored by the body unfortunately and therefore, it is necessary to consume them on a regular basis. Vitamins B6 and B12 are of particular significance to women as they lower the chances of heart complications by preventing homocysteine, which is a contributing factor in heart disease, from ever getting out of control. Biotin and niacin, on the other hand, are essential vitamins to keep your hair and skin healthy from the inside.


Fish fat, aka omega-3 fats, are the healthiest fats in the world and the oil made from that fat has multiple benefits for everyone and not just women. Some of the prominent benefits of Dynamic Omega-3 by Nutri Dyn from blueskyvitamin.com are as follows:

  • They improve cardiovascular health immensely and actively reduce triglycerides
  • The fats reduce inflammation throughout the body and bring relief to those suffering from joint pains
  • The essential fats are known to improve cognitive functions in general and in embryos when consumed by pregnant women
  • Omega 3 fats can help against depression, anxiety and even Alzheimer’s
  • They can reduce the effects of autoimmune diseases such as Type-1 diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis
  • The immune system is revitalized and made stronger by omega-3 fats

Zinc is usually not lacking in women unless they are vegetarian or vegan. This also applies to the men who eat a strictly meat and dairy-free diet, but an increased daily consumption of zinc is necessary for pregnant and lactating women in particular for adequate development of the embryo. Both vegans and vegetarians should make sure that they are supplementing the deficit with zinc supplements appropriately, after talking to their physician.

Outside the Gender Specificity

That’s about it as far as essential supplements for women are concerned, but there is no harm in trying out some of the other supplements available in the market either because they might not be specific to women, but as human beings, you will likely benefit from them as well. For example, protein supplements are not just muscle builders meant to be used by men, but they can also be used successfully by women to cut down on fat and increase muscle volume in the female body. It should also depend on your diet too, rather than just the gender, because the idea of supplementing a diet revolves around supplying the body with the nutrients it may not be getting in sufficient quantities from the food and drink sources.