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5 Simple Tips for Improving Your Everyday Energy Levels, According to Alexy Goldstein

Too many of us spend the majority of our days feeling tired with low energy reserves. As we get older, it starts to feel so common that many people just accept it and try to work around the problem. However, there are things you can do to improve your energy levels without too much effort.

Alexy Goldstein, founder of New U Life, spoke about the importance of supporting your body as you age during a recent interview for this article. “Many of us start to feel our energy levels decrease as we grow older,” stated Goldstein.

“Unfortunately, this leads to a decrease in our ability to keep up with our hobbies. We want people to have the energy to run around with their children and grandchildren, no matter their age. That’s why we work to make products that help keep energy levels high.”

Here are the five things Goldstein recommends to keep energy levels up:

1. Form Healthy Habits

A big portion of energy levels comes from lifestyle choices. Eating nutritional foods and exercising regularly gives us more energy and helps us feel better.

According to Goldstein, “Vitamins and minerals support the body in performing its functions at the highest level. Products like SomaDerm® are created with the exact purpose of helping you feel more vibrant in your everyday life. These products take advantage of ingredients that are naturally high in important vitamins and minerals.”

It’s not likely that you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel when you occasionally remember to eat your fruits and vegetables or take a nutritional supplement. Make it a habit to eat a diet rich in nutrients and you’ll notice long-term effects.

2.Harness the Power of Epigenetics

While you’ve probably heard of the role genetics play in your health and vitality, epigenetics are a lesser-known area of study. The impact epigenetics has on the way you feel is greater than most people realize.

Epigenetics is the way your behavior and environment impact your genes. This means that you can make choices that actually change your genetics, improving your ability to feel energetic throughout your life.

Goldstein commented on the power of epigenetics, stating, “Many people get discouraged by the idea that they’re stuck with the genes they were born with, but this is not entirely true. A healthy diet, supplemented with nutritional supplements can go a long way in increasing your body’s natural ability to thrive.” 

3. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve your energy levels. When you get enough sleep, your body becomes stronger in nearly every way. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get enough hours of sleep. Insomnia is so common that one out of every three adults will experience it during their lifetime.

Goldstein recommends using nutrition and supplements to improve sleep:

“If you’re not sleeping well, it’s very likely going to cause problems with low energy and poor health. It’s important for people to be able to sleep well, which is why we researched which ingredients could help people sleep better, and we included them in SomaDerm.”

4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

There are many factors that contribute to body weight, including genetics, epigenetics, and lifestyle choices. While a healthy weight varies from person to person, maintaining that weight is important for feeling energetic and healthy throughout your life.

Many people focus on losing weight to improve energy levels, but it’s important to remember that being underweight can be just as detrimental to your health as being overweight.

There are many things you can do to keep your body weight at the perfect level. While exercise is very important, nutrition also plays a big role. Taking nutritional supplements can help in that they often contain ingredients that are known to increase your body’s metabolism and promote the breakdown of fat.

5. Follow Cues from Your Body

Taking a holistic wellness approach to health will help you feel greater whole-body wellness.  So many people recommend various strategies for improving your energy levels, but the only way to know if these methods work is to pay attention to how your body feels. Hundreds of thousands of people have noticed the benefits from pursuing a lifelong holistic wellness strategy.

Noted Goldstein, “Our body is a tool for feeling good, taking care of our families, keeping up with our responsibilities, and achieving the things we want to. If you aren’t able to feel good while doing those things, it’s essential to make a change.”

The best thing you can do for your body is to stay active every day, stick to a healthy diet filled with vital nutrients, and eat the kinds of foods that will make you feel like your best self.