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5 Signs Your House Might be Haunted

Are you scared of haunted houses? Greg Newkirk, who’s a professional ghost hunter explains that most haunted houses aren’t scary or evil, they are just misunderstood.

“I think a lot of the classic signs that people run into are mysterious noises that seem to come from places they can’t locate, a lot of bumping and scratching on walls, seeing full-bodied apparitions, and things moving from place to place when you’ve not touched them,” explain Greg.

There are cases where people mistaken haunting. Newkirk explains that he has been called in houses and it turned out that house owners were hallucinating due to monoxide poisoning and not a paranormal activity. Mold can also cause hallucinations.

Wondering if your house is haunted? See these common signs!

1. Ectoplasm

It’s a substance that’s mysterious, even for the most experienced paranormal experts. It has appeared during seances with spiritual mediums. Newkirk has experienced this too.

“There was a house that I investigated several years ago where the family claimed that things were moving on their own and while I was there I actually had a strange, viscous fluid show up. [It] dripped down my arm, out of nowhere. And [the family] claimed that would happen all the time. It was a very strange kind of off-white, almost like a raw egg kind of fluid,” explains Newkirk.

The substance is not often experienced, but it’s a sign of paranormal activity in your house.

2. Inexplicable movement

Objects don’t move on their own, so if you see things moving around in your house, it might be a sign of something paranormal happening.

“I’ve seen books thrown through the air by an invisible force. I’ve watched a grown man with a $2,500 camera in his hand drop the camera to the ground because something was strangling him,” says Newkirk.

3. Personality changes

When someone says possession, we immediately think demons. Newkirk explains that most often demonic possession is not what you’re experiencing. He says that normal ghost can possess you too. If you notice a person all of a sudden getting extremely strange, it might be because he’s possessed.

“We see cases of possession or influence by a spirit all the time. If you start to notice someone has taken on a pretty distinct personality change, that can be a sign of that,” says Newkirk.

4. Feeling watched

People that have lived in haunted houses explain that they felt watched.

“Cold chills move throughout the room and even just the feeling of being watched. Sometimes whispers, or being awoken in the middle of the night because of the feeling that somebody’s standing there,” says Newkirk.

5. Emotional and physical disorientation

Haunting can have a really terrible effect on your physical state and mood. It can make you weak and angry.

“That’s a place where it’s a very extreme haunting. There’s something about that place when you walk into it, it gets very, very confusing. Some of the things that we started to see in this place and hear in this place—including drumming and strange lights—was very disorienting. I noticed that my mood would change when we were in this building and I would have to keep leaving it regularly,” explains Newkirk.