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5 Signs of Deteriorating Relationship

Ending a relationship is hard, but it’s rarely something that happens overnight. Having a healthy relationship is something everyone desires. It’s like weaving together of lives. A healthy relationship means integrating with your partner, caring about their feelings and dreams. Simply being oriented around each other. A breakup is rarely spontaneous. It’s not something that comes overnight, it’s something that people think about long before leaving their partner, constantly reconsidering the reasons to stay and the reasons to leave.

Here are 5 signs that your relationship might be deteriorating:

  1. Negative spontaneous reactions

We always hold conscious ideas and implicit ideas about our partners. These views about our partner may be revealing the relationship’s future. Ask yourself what does your partner think of your competence, how fun you are to be around? What is your gut impression for your partner? These gut impressions can be quite revealing. Researches show that negative implicit partner impressions can be more at risk for a breakup.

  1. Emotional detachments

How emotionally close your partner feels to you? How emotionally close you feel your partner? Lower feelings of love predict a future breakup. The reality is that when people start emotionally detaching, it might be a sign that they’re preparing to end the relationship.

  1. Lack of self-disclosure

How often do you share your emotions with your partner? How often does your partner share his feelings with you? The exchange of emotions is called emotional-disclosure and it’s something that really supports the relationship. When one person speaks, the other should offer validation and care. The responsiveness of the partner is key to building a healthy relationship. When people stop sharing their emotions, the relationships are probably going to end.

  1. Less supportive reactions to the good news

Something great happened to you, and you rush to tell your partner. How does he react? Do they celebrate with you?  How do you react when your partner tells you great news? Partners who have less constructive reactions to their good disclosure are more likely to break up.

  1. Deteriorating illusions

How great is your partner? People often hold unrealistic ideas about their partners. They see them million times better than they really are. Researches show that positive illusions are key products for a stable relationship, while a lack may be a sign of a deteriorating relationship.