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5 Secrets of Woman Energy

According to Dr. Elroi J. Windsor of the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, there is no official definition of what it means to be feminine.

Although we can generalize and characterize different traits such as being nurturing, sweet, sensitive, or demure, the same can be said about more powerful traits such as being courageous, a leader, she doesn’t see emotions as a weakness, and she tends to believe strongly in her intuition.

So you won’t find any scientific definitions of being feminine, but in general, we can define truly being feminine as physically healthy and emotionally balanced.

Key Issues of Feminine Insecurity

Just as femininity is difficult to pin down, there are mental health insecurities rearing their ugly head within women.

We could go on and on about countless insecurities, and again, you won’t find these listed on any official government website, although you may find them listed on some mental health sites such as Psychology Today.

But according to experts, the three most common insecurities in women are:

  • Insecurity due to rejection

It could be an insecurity due to body image, a break-up, or failure at work to obtain a promotion, but it’s all the same. You feel or fear rejection.

  • Insecurity due to social anxiety

Social anxiety refers to the fear of being judged. And it can start at a young age.
So a teenager knows the answer in a math or science class but doesn’t raise her hand for fear others will judge her. And this fear is often long-standing.

  • Insecurity due to perfectionism

Many women have this insecurity. They feel they have to be perfect all the time or they will be judged, and so they never relax.

How to be Feminine, Active, and Cheerful

  • Have a healthy lifestyle

The more energy you have, people will naturally assume, and rightly so, that you are powerfully feminine.

  • Eat well and stay hydrated

Your skin is your wealth in looking feminine, regardless of your size, and if you eat your veggies, avoid a diet of fast food, and drink plenty of water, you’ll always look your best, and feminine and having great skin are synonymous.

  • Have your hormones in balance

If your hormones are out of whack, you won’t feel or look your best. Be sure to see a doctor to have your hormones checked if you are feeling out of sorts.

  • Consider taking prescription oxytocin

Yes, we know what you are thinking, you’ve heard the horror stories about illegal oxytocin, but if you are in genuine pain due to cancer, arthritis, or cancer, with a doctor’s prescription Oxycontin can help.

  • Have your Estrogen levels checked

Around 6 million women in the US take estrogen, most of them approaching or in menopause. Ask your doctor, but taking estrogen can be a lifesaver.

  • Consider taking HGH

No, HGH is not just for men. Women feeling tired, sluggish, and depressed are often low on this vital hormone, particularly if they are nearing menopause, and a doctor may prescribe HGH for women for increasing bone density, energy levels, reduce insomnia, and more.

  • Engage in sports

Women often participate in sports to their peril. And you don’t need to join a collegiate or championship team either. Just playing volleyball on a team with other women is a fantastic way to not only build social relationships but build up your body as well. And a strong body is a feminine body.

  • Take care of your beauty

You don’t need a ton of expensive beauty products to look feminine, but you do need to know how to apply them. Consider a session with a beauty expert to customize your look.

  • Have a relationship

We all know that having a relationship is one of the best ways to look beautiful. Those love feelings translate into beauty and confidence. Yes, we know, relationships are tough, and as the Supremes sang, “You Can’t hurry love,” but despite all the trials and tribulations when it’s good, it’s very good.

  • Friends

Perhaps one of the secrets of woman energy is friends. Women tend to bond much more than men, and it could explain why women live longer.

In any case, a true friend is a woman’s secret weapon to happiness. We all need a friend that you can count on, rain or shine, and a true friend is worth their weight in gold.

They will understand you and accept you, regardless of how much or how little money you have, whether you’ve gained a few pounds,    have a few more wrinkles, or crash and burned in a relationship. By all means, cultivate friends.

  • Close family relationships

Second only to have one or two best friends, your life can be infinitely richer if you have close family relationships. After all, they may be the ones to depend upon when life throws you serious challenges.Yes, it’s often difficult, and oftentimes you may have to extend a forgiving heart, but the payback can be immense.

  • Romantic relationships

Diamonds are not, as Zsa Gabor said, a girls’ best friend. For most, having a relationship, with it be same-sex, or with a man, can make all the difference in the world for your happiness, and happiness is certainly feminine.

  • Make a goal and to-do list

The reason many women do not get what they want is they fail to set goals and make to-do lists to achieve them. This is one power that men seemingly have over women, but women can certainly follow suit, for a happier, more successful life.

  • Make your time a priority

Time is the one thing a woman cannot get back. Make every moment of your life and your time a priority, and you will naturally see a flow towards success.

The bottom line

There is no scientific definition of femininity. But women recognize it when they see it, though it can come in many forms. Be strong, be proud, be courageous and you will also be feminine.