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5 Scents That Have Healing Power

Not all perfumes are as good as the others. If you use them often, or have little knowledge about scents, smells and fragrances, you will agree. From the finest aromas of Europe to the exoticity of the east, perfumes and scents have been appreciated as mankind’s sweetest smelling invention. This of course, is because you would certainly like going out on that important date or attending the life-changing business conference or even stepping out of your home smelling good. Some perfumes will go the extra mile to give you the extra experience. These select fragrances have special healing powers, that you inhale with a sniff of bliss. Proven clinically and by users, these five top scents will certainly keep you smelling better and feeling healthier.

  1. Orange Flavored Scents Are Good for Anxiety Problems

Oranges as fruits have been discussed frequently in medical circles for boosting a lot of bodily functions. These include keeping diseases away and curbing the production of hormones that can lead to negative functions of the body. Orange flavored scents, it seems, are no less than that. They have been known to reduce anxiety problems. A study conducted on a group of people showed that those who sniffed a bit of the perfume could remain calm in periods of intense pressure. Researchers working on the project attributed it to the quality of orange flavor being able to squash stress hormones.

  1. And Peppermint Is Great for Maximum Stress Relief

Peppermint, like orange works great for stress related problems too. As a scent, it works on the stress hormone called cortisol, reducing it and finally helping you relax. If you involve yourself in stressful work that requires your optimum attention, or if you feel worried, get a bottle of peppermint spray right away here. Of course, peppermint is known to do much more than just relieving your stress. For example, it is known to reduce fatigue and chocolate cravings that may develop when you work on something for a long time.

  1. Cinnamon Will Help You Focus on The Important Stuff

This is especially important for those who work on important projects in their workplaces or in schools. If you have an examination up in a while, or a vital meeting you cannot afford to ruin, get yourself a sniff of cinnamon and resume work. This fragrance works on your brain to reduce frustration and improve concentration. This means you can bid goodbye to those unnecessary thoughts that may hamper your flow of work.

  1. Lavender for Your Period Symptoms and For Relaxation

All the women reading this, listen up! You know very well how bad “that time of the month” can be. Lavender, it is found, can activate your body’s stimulus to digest and relax. Pre-period symptoms can be troubling – like mental confusion and mild or serious depression, for example. Lavender can relax all of that, ensuring you get through each month a little better than other times. Lavender also relaxes the body, decreases insomnia and migraine pain. Maybe you would like to get a lavender room freshener for your bedroom too!

  1. Sage Reduces Blood Pressure and Does Much More

Lastly, we must mention sage for its quality in solving one of the most frequent health problems out there. A research conducted on subjects made to sniff a spray of clary sage showed that they had reduced blood pressure and lower anxiety rates. Sage also helps boost your memory and work on your concentration. Put a drop of it on a cotton ball and sniff it all in. Its goodness can do wonders to your body.

The above scents are all worthy to be tried. Get your hands on them as soon as you can. To some, the sort of fragrance they choose does not matter, but for those who appreciate real art, you will realize how marvelous a good fragrance can actually be. Using these scents will surely lift your moods for the day while giving you an advantage in terms of help. Go ahead and get them for yourself because these are worth a buy.