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5 Reasons Why We Love LED Shoes

If we’ve noticed, shoes with LEDs in their heels have resurfaced again in the fashion world. These shoes are beautiful and help spice up our fashion world, bringing in a different type of vibe into the fashion trends. Remember when we used to rock these shoes with LEDs in the heels back then when we were still kids? How fascinating it was to watch it illuminate with every step we made? Well, that fun is back and better now with improved technology.

Aside having the LEDs in their heels, these shoes are beautiful and good for different kinds of activities. For those who wouldn’t love to rock the LED at some places, there is good news; the LED can be turned off and on whenever we want. Unlike the ones we rocked as kids, these new and improved shoes that light up are rechargeable.

1. They Are Beautiful

First of all, we have to admit it, one of the reasons why we love the LED shoes is that they are beautiful pairs of shoes to rock any day and at any given time of the day. They look pretty cool during the day and even fantastic at night with the LED illuminating in the dark. So, aside their LED features, we love them because they are beautiful pairs of shoes.

2. They Make You Stand Out

The LED shoes are heavily conspicuous at night when the LED are turned on. We love them because they make one stand out in the crowd, especially in the midst of crowd that very few have the LED shoes on. They direct all the attention to who wears them at night because of its illuminating LED which is something beautiful especially for attention seekers.

3. They Are Fantastic For Dancing

We love the LED shoes because of the artistic show they give when we club and dance with them. There’s this beauty they portray when we dance with them at the club or at night. If you love clubbing and dancing, the LED shoes will add a bit of art and beauty to your dance moves. Watch some dance videos on the net which involves using the LED shoes, you would see the distinctive beauty they portray in the dark while dancing.

4. They Are Perfect For Night Safety

LED shoes play a safe role at night or in the dark. Imagine cycling or going for a light jog in the dark without illuminating shoes. It’s very risky. You could be hit by a car or a motorbike due to poor visibility and no illuminating attire. You could even collide with another human. But with the LED shoes, this incident is tackled. When you put on a pair of the LED shoes and hit the road in the dark to jog or ride your bicycle, they illuminate and signal to any incoming traffic, notifying them or it of the presence of a being ahead.

This a great reason to love the LED shoes. It helps reduce unnecessary incidents of accidents or collisions due to poor visibility because of the dark.  They can even help to find lost kids in the playground at night. If we don’t love the LED shoes for anything, this should be a great reason to.

5. They Serve As Good Conversation Starters

One of the reasons why the LED shoes are loved by many is because they help start up conversations even with strangers. With your pair of LED shoes illuminating at night or in a dark environment, attraction would be drawn to you and before you know it, peeps and even strangers have started conversing with you over the beauty of the LED shoes.

They are pairs of illuminating shoes and it’s difficult to overlook a light in the dark; tad difficult. They will draw admirers to you that will walk up to you and spark up a conversation by first appreciating your shoes. So, the LED shoes inadvertently help one make new friends even as a stranger in a new place.

Therefore, you’ve seen the beauty of the LED shoes and why we love rocking them, and at any time of the day. These are simply some for the few reasons why we love the LED shoes, it’s good for everyone, why not try them out?