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5 Reasons Why Logger And Work Boots Have High Heels

You might wonder why do logger and work boots have high heels? There’s more than one reason, and it’s really about utility more than anything else. Those who wear logging and work boots are typically stuck out in some miserable weather and ground conditions during their daily grind.

A sturdy high heel can handle the messy terrain and cushion the areas that tend to hurt the most when you are on your feet all a day at a job site. A great heel on a boot also helps regulate your balance and keeps you on your toes, which gives you faster reaction times in dangerous situations.

Reason 1. Dig In Your Heels

It’s not just a metaphor for struggling through tough times. “Dig in your heels,” is something you will actually have to do from time to time at a work site, especially if you are a logger, construction worker or someone who regularly handles ropes.

Sinking your heels into the ground is ideal for:

– Most outdoor rope pulling situations.

– Walking uphill in muddy terrain.

– Getting a solid foundation for pushing or bracing objects.

– Getting around difficult terrain where balance and grip are crucial.

Reason 2. Comfort and Functionality

Though some experts and regular boot users say that a high heel only helps people with certain back arch types, many people can benefit from working in a higher heel. It is all about getting the right boot fit and speaking of fit, you might want to take note of the following;

>Ensure you try out the boots before buying them to ensure you have a head-start as far as fit is concerned.

>Ensure that whether buying online or from brick-and-mortar stores, assess the legitimacy of the seller.

Buyers with unstable ankles might worry that a high heeled boot will lead to lots of stumbling, but it can all really depend on how strong the boot’s ankle support is. The best boot manufacturers make sure the height factor is matched with superior stability protection and tight

fitting in the ankle area. The best work boots with high heels can help improve your posture and allow you to get through a whole marathon workday without getting shin splints.

Reason 3. Make it Last a Little Longer

Working is a tough business, and it can ruin your footwear faster than any other piece of clothing. A heeled boot will last much longer than a flat-footed boot. The sole will not wear down as fast.

Most of the weight put on the shoe during everyday use is concentrated on the heel, so the rest of the shoe won’t endure as much stress. The heel is built tough to take the extra beating you are sure to put it through.

Reason 4. Kick It!

Have you ever tried kicking a hole through a wall with tennis shoes on? Laborers and loggers all over the world spend much of their day kicking things. Having a nice solid heel can help tremendously when you need to pound something into place quickly. If a rubber mallet isn’t handy, your boot heel is. You might as well be wearing ballet shoes if you try to kick too hard wearing any other footwear.

Here are just a few things you can kick with a good high heeled boot:

– A door, to open or shut it without using your hands

– A two by four that’s just a shave too small to fit in place without encouragement

– A dead sapling or small, rotted stump you want out of your way


So why do logger and work boots have high heels? It all boils down to three keys: durability, functionality, and comfort.

Your boot can be as much of a tool as it is a piece of clothing when you’re on your own at the job site with nobody to pass you a hammer. It can save your life in a bad mudslide by giving you better traction. And that higher heel might even save your back and prevent other orthopedic issues if it’s built right and fits well. So there we have it; from comfort and elegance to enhance your safety out there, you will never go wrong with high-heeled logger and one of the best work boots.