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5 Quick Home Beauty Tips for (Really) Busy Young Women

Having to juggle with work, personal life, family and friends is not easy, especially for those ladies who start their day very early in the morning and end it very late at night. It seems harder and harder these days to balance a challenging career with having leisure time and hobbies, not to mention some alone time to tend to our bodies and spirits.


How long have you postponed already that mani-pedi session you promised yourself? When was the last time you got a really nice professional hair treatment or at least a massage? Time seems to work against young ambitious women and they have to trick it and still keep their looks, energy and attitude. Today we will take a look at five quick home tips to save you time and help you keep your health and natural beauty.

1. Befriend Shea Butter

Queen Nefertiti was on to something, as shea butter was one of her favorite beauty products. This butter is packed with vitamins A, D, and E, among others. It acts as a natural moisturizer, anti-inflammatory agent, anti-ageing agent and antioxidant. Many researchers proved that shea butter is an excellent face and hair remedy used as sunblock and skin collagen stimulant.

Used in face masks, it will leave your skin glowing, nourished, supple and radiant without it feeling clogged or greasy. It is also an amazing treatment for blemishes, skin discolorations, psoriasis, eczema, and dark spots. A dry and irritated scalp, split ends, or dry and breaking hair can also benefit from shea butter, if you use it as a mask.

2. One Treatment to Rule them All: Honey


You should have some honey in the house for nutrition purposes, but while you fix yourself a little healthy breakfast or sum up the day’s results later in the evening you can also put some honey on your face. Science loves honey because it acts as a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-ageing remedy. It also correlates with the fast healing of cuts and burns, skin nourishment and antioxidant.

Honey is also a great exfoliator, because the gluconic acid acts as a scrub. If you don’t have time to go for a parlor skin treatment or you simply dread the wasted minutes on using all sorts of creams, lotions and skin treatments, a teaspoon of honey (mixed with egg white, fruit juice, oils, and so on) will do wonders for your skin while you work or relax at home.

3. Time-Honored Epsom Salt for Your Body and Mind

Add two cups of Epsom Salt to a hot tub three times a week and keep yourself rejuvenated and healthy. The Epsom Salt Council recommends the use of this natural remedy if you want to:

  • Relieve muscle pain and aches and itch relief from sunburns
  • Clean your skin cells of toxins and heavy metals
  • Improve your circulation, regulate heart beats, lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots
  • Ease feet and back pains
  • Relive stress and anxiety
  • Improve oxygen circulation at the skin cells’ level

Epsom Salt is both a beauty and health natural remedy and we all know they go hand in hand. If you don’t have time for a massage, a meditation session, yoga or a detoxification program, make sure you take a long and relaxing Epsom Salt bath regularly to improve your body’s beauty and health. You can also add some essential tea tree or lavender oils to the bath to also work some wonders on your psyche.

4. Take some Really Cold Showers

Freezing your tail off sounds more as torture than a beauty tip but we have science to back us up. If you are young and healthy, a really cold shower once in a while can be synonym with a detoxification and health care program, if you do it right. So, the first thing you should know is that the cold shower comes right after a hot one and should be followed by a dry brushing. Let’s see some of the free and fast benefits you can enjoy:

  • Healthier, shinier skin and hair: the hot shower opens up your skin pores and hair follicles, helping you clean off the dirt and impurities of your skin. The cold shower instantly closes them back and lowers the swelling process by constricting your blood vessels.
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation: a sedentary job and a busy life usually lead to cellulite, edema, varicose veins, poor blood circulation and poor lymphatic system health. Cold rinses followed by dry brushes keep your blood and lymph flowing, thus helping you better detoxify your body and preserve the elasticity and beauty of your skin.
  • According to recent endocrine-centered studies, cold showers stimulate the formation of brown adipose tissue (BAT) which is, in turn, associated with natural weight loss and energy levels’ boost.
5. Don’t Forget About Your Liver


Coffee, cigarettes, stress, poor sleep, air pollution, fast food, alcohol, and medication are just a few of your everyday factors that can damage your liver. This amazing organ has about 200 different functions and is responsible for many external symptoms you might mistake for dermatological ones. For instance, acne and rosacea, brown spots on face, hands and back, yellow/red or itchy eyes, and rashes: they can all be associated with liver problems.

In fact, your liver might be suffering (and your acid reflux or bloating are more signals you need to pay attention to). Find the time in your busy schedule to tend to your liver and introduce into your diet liver-friendly foods and herbs, natural sources of amino-acids, lymphatic massage (and cold showers) and exercise. Make sure your diet contains avocados, eggs, non-GM soy lecithin, broccoli, onion, and B vitamin from natural sources.

Keep your health, natural beauty and energy levels to the max by using these remedies and don’t forget that a few simple lifestyle changes can work miracles!