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5 Methods to Get Beautiful Skin Without Makeup

Makeup – a woman’s best friend

It is commonly said that the diamonds are a woman’s best friends. On the contrary, we feel that Makeup is a woman’s best friend. It can brighten up a dull day, boost the ego, and make you feel confident and flawless even on days when you would have chosen to hide far from sight. Makeup can make your face look fresher and better. It can hide blemishes, acne, and can visually lift your facial skin without undergoing a surgery. Makeup can give you the power to look like a celebrity depending upon how good your makeup skills are. Without makeup most of the women feel vulnerable and weak and that’s the reason many people say that the confidence given by the makeup is temporary. It just covers up the imperfections but they are still there, beneath the layers of the makeup and under the skin.

In this era when women are starting to feel confident in their own natural skins, how can a personfeel confident with all the imperfections?Let’s face it, you can’t wear makeup all the time. Sometimes you have to go bare skinned for example, to the gym or to the pool. So instead of devising a plan to sneak a hint of makeup, why not improve the quality of the skin and figure out ways to make your skin look beautiful without the makeup?

Here are a few tips you make your skin look younger without makeup:

1. Exfoliate

Do you ever wonder why your skin lacks the lustre it used to have? It might be clogged with the debris and the dull skin cells that are just waited it be lifted away. If you haven’t been using a facial scrub, now is the time to incorporate it into your skin care regime. Skin Peeling is also a great way to exfoliate the upper layers of your skin very effectively to reveal the fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Peel to reveal is the exfoliating treatment of CosmeDocs – An Aesthetic Clinic which utilizes the power of AHA and BHA along with the goodness of multivitamins, peptides, growth factors and stem cells to rejuvenate the skin from deep within. This peeling treatment also stimulates the collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis which reverses the signs of ageing along with the signs of sun damage.

2. Moisturize daily to avoid looking like a wilted flower

After exfoliation, the most important step is to moisturize your skin with an appropriate moisturizer to avoid getting, rough, irritated, and flaky skin.

You will notice that a plant’s leaves have a waxy layer on the upper surface to keep them from getting dry and wilting. Similarly, our skin also needs a daily dose of moisturizer to keep our skin from getting dull.

3. Use serums for topical nutrient boost

Serums are like concentrated shots of energy delivered directly to the skin. They contain high concentrations of the skin-boosting ingredients that give the skin all the pampering it deserves.

4. Eat healthily

You are what you eat. If you are digging in on fries, burgers and other forms of junks daily don’t expect yourself to become healthy. Instead, these foods will make you obese and put a toll on your liver to detoxify your body. This strain on the liver will dull your skin and steal the freshness away from it.

5. Drink plenty of water and exercise daily

According to most of the fitness gurus, drinking water is essential for overall health of the body. When our body is properly hydrated, yourskin will look dewy and will glow with a natural sheen. Our body requires water for detoxification which is essential to keep the skin and the body in optimum working position. Similarly, exercising daily helps you to reduce the fat and flushes the toxins from your body. Furthermore, exercising also increases the blood circulation and as a result, you get a natural blush on your skin.