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5 Insignificant Things That Might Indicate a Dangerous Disease

Sometimes it’s better to pay extra attention to the small changes in your body as those small changes can help you identify a dangerous disease. Read the following article extra carefully to learn how to identify the small changes in your body thus eliminate a dangerous disease at an early stage.

Here are the 5 insignificant things that might indicate a dangerous disease:

1. A sudden change in handwriting

If you notice that your handwriting is suddenly changed, that might be a sign of tremor paralysis or Parkinson’s disease. A person with this disease will write small, uneven and even disappearing letters.

2. Periodical flashes of light

Seeing sudden flashes of light where they shouldn’t be might be an indication of eye retina damage. The flashes are usually explained as lightning or exploding starts and they’re accompanied by dizziness and headaches.

3. A strong need to write down everything in a journal

Highly disciplined people tend to write their plans on paper. When a person who has never written a journal before and now suddenly has a need to always write things down, it’s a bad sign. This strong need to write everything down might signal that the person’s short-term memory has worsened and it can be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Bloated abdomen

Abdominal bloating can be caused by dehydration, overeating and constant stress. Sometimes it can be caused small bowel bacteria overgrowth or constipation. Unfortunately, sometimes bloated abdomen can be a sign of a much more dangerous disease. If bloated abdomen is accompanied by unexplained weight loss, persistent change in bowel habits or bumps around your stomach, visit your doctor. It might be indication of dumping syndrome, celiac disease and even ovarian cancer.

5. Constant thirst

If you constantly feel the need to drink water and you constantly feel thirsty, it’s a sign of intoxication. Intoxication can be caused by hangover or tumors poisoning your body. The constant thirst can also be in indication of diabetes.