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5 Important Things People Care less To Find Out About their Partners

Dating or courting is an important aspect of a relationship that gives love partners the opportunity to know things about each other. However, during this period, it is easy that affections cloud up the mind and lovers do not ask some certain questions about their partners. Beyond knowing the mutual interests shared between you and your partner, there are other important things to know, which many did not bother to know about their partners. For instance, people care less to find out about health conditions or other medical issues, non-physical compatibility, etc. Here are 5 important things people care less to know about their partners, which you should learn from.

Herpes status:

Generally, people disregard the tests for STD conditions, except for the HIV status, in most cases. If you and your partner have grown in love and trust, then you should both talk about your herpes status. If you don’t know it already, you can decide to go for the test together. Knowing if one of you have herpes does not have to end your relationship. You can get professional tips about how to date when you have herpes. The earlier awareness of this status makes it easier for you to manage.

Blood Rhesus factors:

This is another condition that many don’t know of or consider important. As much as it is important for partners to know each other’s genotype and blood group, knowing each other’s blood rhesus factors is even more important as the thought of birthing a child. Some rhesus factors are not compatible to be shared among partners, especially for childbearing and blood transfusion. Incompatibility might cause conception issues for a woman. Get to know your rhesus factor quickly and seek medical counsel.


Sex –something everyone enjoys but would not publicly own. (Virtually) everyone loves sex. However, the frequency, style or mode of sex isn’t the same for everyone. It is wrong to think your partner would automatically want sex like you or to be equally, erotically adventurous. Many people in relationships don’t talk about how they like sex and the best way to achieve orgasm. This seemingly insignificant truth has ended several relationships. So, before it’s too late, find out about your partner’s sex life.

The future:

While dating, a sad and common thing that emotion deprives many lovers of knowing about their partner is their future/dreams. Many times, the talks about self and the ‘togetherness’ of two individuals during their courtship focus on how to survive the daily hustles and catch fun together. Not many people care to discuss the imagined future of their partners, the kind of dream and aspirations they have for themselves. This is particularly something that many guys refuse to ask their ladies. Eventually, when they realize the lady’s dream is bigger than they can believe in or handle, problem sets in and some other times, a partner might have to forfeit their dreams and happiness at the expense of making the relationship work. Don’t make the same mistake, neither should you care less about your partner’s future.


Courtship can be laced with so much effort to impress a partner while the (seemingly) caring partner does not so much care for himself/herself. It is not common to have people consider their partner’s self-love and esteem than they care for them in the relationship. Having a partner who lacks this virtue is a ticking time bomb. There is a high tendency that such one would change their love attitude and care once the relation seems ‘secured’.

These are some of the things that love partners often care less to find out about one another. You know better now. Be more intimate and free to know these things about your partner.