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5 Hobbies That Successful People Have

While you may think that successful people don’t have time for hobbies, the opposite is true.  Some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs love nothing more than indulging in their favorite pastimes.

Keen to know what hobbies successful people spend their time doing?

Read on to discover five hobbies that successful people have and how they use these outlets to become even more of a success!

  1. Chess

Chess is known for being a fairly complicated game that requires a certain amount of skill and critical thinking. A popular pastime all over the world, chess combines some of the greatest aspects of many different sporting activities, including tactics, planning, risk-taking, and concentration.

So, what famous faces love chess?

Richard Branson, for one. Calling chess “the best game in the world,” Branson admits to having played thousands of games of chess in his lifetime and can’t wait to play many more.

Another famous fan is the kickboxer and controversial influencer Andrew Tate, who shares his love of chess with Rebelcelebrity.com and explains how this pastime has helped shape who he is today and how it has helped pave his journey to success.

  1. Bridge

Bill Gates has spoken of his love for old-fashioned hobbies and names bridge as one of his all-time favorite things to do in his spare time.

Offering social and intellectual stimulation, bridge can help to keep your cognitive functions sharp and even stimulate your immune system.

Bridge is also great for helping older people to remain mentally sharp and for fostering trust amongst colleagues.

  1. Hiking

If you prefer more physical hobbies, then hiking is a great choice. Perfect for keeping you fit and for eliminating stress, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that he goes hiking every Saturday to deal with the pressure of his high-profile career.

Hiking is also good for retaining focus and for gaining mental clarity during periods of stress and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

  1. Knitting

A quiet and relaxing hobby, award-winning actress Meryl Streep loves to knit and even hand-knitted a shawl that she wore in the film Doubt.

Streep admits that she finds knitting therapeutic and often indulges in her preferred pastime during breaks on set.

Other famous faces who love to spend their free time knitting include Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks, and Julia Roberts. Knitting is an excellent hobby and one that brings with it a great sense of achievement.

  1. Painting

Sales of adult coloring books have soared in recent years, in most part due to the pandemic when people sought out inexpensive ways to relax and have fun in their own homes.

There are many successful people who have admitted that they love to paint, including the Duchess of Cambridge. Former US President George W. Bush is also an avid painter, having painted 30 world leaders and over 50 paintings of puppies.

Providing a similar experience to meditation and mindfulness practices, the beauty of painting is that it can be carried out anywhere, and even just a few minutes can calm the mind and relieve stress.