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5 Hair Extensions Trends That Will Make You a Celeb

The second most important thing for women after clothes is hair. Women love experimenting on new hair and trying out on the latest cuts and hairstyles. Hair is something which is sacred to ladies.  After all, it makes a lot of sense since we spend years growing and taking care of it. When you hear the term fashion trends, the first thing that crosses a lot of women’s mind is a new wardrobe. Besides you can achieve both results by combining your hairstyle and clothes.

Adjusting your hair from your usual look could entirely change your look. It can transform you from being that boring wife to one sexy lady. What you thought was the perfect hairdo in the past years could look different in today’s world. If you believe that it’s not essential to update your look, you should try rocking the 70s and 80s. The chances are that the look won’t work for you. If you don’t want to stay old, then you should start considering changing your hairstyle with some new hair extensions that will make you a celeb.

We have researched and come up with some of the latest hair extensions trends to look out for in 2018. There will be various options for you to choose from.  If you find a look that you don’t like hop on to the next one, keep on experimenting until you find the perfect hair extension style for you. Imagine rocking a new look, a perfect dress and shoes to compliment your look. If you desire walking confidently in your workplace or the streets, you can perfectly do so when you have the perfect hair. Good hair is a natural confidence booster.

The best part of rocking hair extensions is that it does not matter how long, thick, thin or short your hair is. You can use hair extensions and always count on them. You can use it for highlights, volume, and length. Each woman deserves hair that is healthy looking, so if your hair has any problems pertaining to volume and length hair extensions has got your back.

Some of the hair extensions trends that are being rocked in 2018 don’t require a lot of investment, so you won’t have an excuse not to transform yourself and become a celeb. Before we look at the hair extension trends, let’s look at some of the benefits of hair extensions.

Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions

  • Feeling and looking your best

Hair extensions whether human or synthetic will give you that feeling of having a long natural hair. Hair extensions blend in well with your natural hair such that even if you walked into a room full of people they wouldn’t realize that you are wearing extensions. Wearing human hair extension boosts your confidence. If you usually wear hair extensions, you might have realized that they make you look more attractive and give you more hair to style as you desire. If you are going for a job interview or meeting a new guy, you might consider going for longer hair extensions.

  • New hairstyles

There are times when you will feel that you need to get a new hairstyle. If you want a different hairstyle, you can consider using highlight colors, bangs that will improve your outward appearance. The good thing with hair extensions is that you can flat iron them, curl and straighten just like normal hair. Hair extensions give you the chance of trying out different hairstyles. You can a new look in the morning and a different one in the evening after work. You can wear your hair in different styles every day using hair extensions.

  • Volume and instant length

The most common use for hair extensions is volume and instant length. You can change your hair from being short to long in minutes. You can have the long hair that you have always desired with hair extensions, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining long natural hair. Extensions mostly add volume to your natural hair making it easy to style and enhance your natural hair.

  • Gentle to your hair

Another great benefit of using hair extensions is that they are soft to your hair. They don’t cause thinning or breakage to your hair. Also compared with other alternatives they don’t cover your entire hair creating room for your hair to breathe.

Hair extension trends that will make you a celeb

  • High and tight pony

You can use the high and tight pony when rocking your hair extension. Ariana Grande is one celeb who loves rocking this style. Secure your hair at the back with a tie and hair spray to make it look sharp.  The high and tight pony will make you look sexy and cool, and it can instantly make you a celeb.

  • Bang extensions

You can get bangs without trimming your hair. You have to part your hair at the centre and clip in your fringe extensions, and you will be rocking a trendy look.

  • Blond extensions

Rocking a platinum blonde color on your extensions is not easy. But this did not stop celebs like Kate Perry from rocking them. If you want to alter your look but still maintain a bit of the natural look Keep the underneath roots of your extension dark. Then get your stylist to blend the upper part into a silver grey or bright blonde.

  • Blunt ends

Whether your hair is as long as Kerry Washington’s or a short bob as Olivia Culpo completing your cut with blunt edges gives your hair a fresh start by getting rid of split ends.

  • Long bob

When you opt for long bobs, you have various styling options. You can wear it straight or with waves.


You can keep up with the hair extension trends by using the latest hair styles being rocked by most celebs. Since hair extensions are easy to maintain you won’t have a hard time styling it.