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5 Great Ideas for Keepsakes

There are many special moments and people in your life that mean the world to you, and it’s always nice to have things to remind you of that if they aren’t around or that time of your life has passed. This is why many people like to make keepsakes of these moments so that they can look at them and be transported back to that time or remember that special person. If you have some cherished memories that you would like to commemorate, here are some excellent keepsake ideas for you to try.

1.    Scrapbook

A very common keepsake to make is a scrapbook. You can include photographs, newspaper articles, ticket stubs, quotes from friends, or your favorite lyrics and movies that capture that particular moment. They are also a lot of fun to make because it’s an opportunity to get creative, so if you love arts and crafts, this could be the perfect keepsake project for you.

2.    Photobook

If scrapbooks aren’t quite right for you, but you love the idea of having all of your photos in one place, then creating a photo book could be the better option. They are very similar to having a photo album but with a slight twist. They are more modern options to having your photos together, and companies like Blurb will give you various options on the finish of your book, all of which are top quality. You can choose the layout design of your book, allowing you to have your photos displayed exactly how you want them to be.

3.    Jewelry

Another option for a lovely keepsake is looking at having an item of jewelry engraved. Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, watch, or a pendant on a necklace, having a special date, name, or quote hidden on the back will always be a sentimental piece that is close to your heart. These also make wonderful personalized gifts for someone you love, too. If you have a broken or old item of jewelry that meant something to you, consider having it transformed into a new, modern piece so that you can wear it again.

4.    Engraved Glassware

Having gorgeous glassware for special occasions is always useful, but these items can also serve to commemorate a special date or person too. Just like how you can have a date or initials engraved onto jewelry, you can do the same with some quality crystal tumblers, champagne flutes, or even a decanter if you would prefer. They can make wonderful decorative additions to your glass cabinet as well as remind you of a specific occasion.

5.    Artwork

This is another great option for those who enjoy being creative, as it’s the opportunity to create some unique artwork to remind you of a time, place, or person. You could create a collage of photos or perhaps collected items representing the time you’re trying to remember. Alternatively, you can find artwork online that will represent that for you instead or hire an artist to do a bespoke piece for you.

If you want to remember a special person or moment in your life, consider these keepsake ideas and see which ones you think would fit your style the best.