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5 Great Gift Ideas to Make Him a Happy Man this Christmas

If you have a great man in your life, it’s fun to spoil them with thoughtful and useful gifts this Christmas. We’ve scoured the web to find some products that will be sure to put a smile on his face this Christmas.

1. A beard bib

With more and more modern guys opting for a beard, beard grooming is a hot topic in many households. A beard bib, like the one by Friller, is a great way to capture all of the small amounts of hair that fall during beard grooming. It makes cleaning up after trimming a beard super easy, and is a great way to cut down on arguments over clogged drains and little bits of hair all over the sink!

2. A new beard oil

Many men who do not have years of experience with a beard are often not sure of the best ways to wash and maintain their beard. Especially if your loved one has a long and thick beard, keeping it well conditioned is an important part of staying looking well groomed. You can find a range of oils that have different scents, as well, which can add a subtle yet masculine scent to your man while keeping his beard looking healthy and thick.

3. Regular massage sessions

If your man has a busy schedule and finds it hard to relax, it can be a great idea to schedule some regular massages for him. Regular massages can be blocked out on the calendar and are often easier to make than individually scheduled appointments for busy people.

While a light personal massage can be very romantic, it can also be great to have a professional working on any niggling issues, such as a sore lower back or tight shoulder muscles from working on a computer all the time. A regular massage session can be a great way to deal with these issues and have a partner who feels much more relaxed and able to tackle physical tasks.

4. A cooking course

If you’d love your man to cook more, then it can be a great idea to sign up to do a cooking course together. It’s a fun way to spend some time together, and learning a new skill can be a great way to bring you even closer together. Look for a course that lets you specialise in a style of cooking that you both love, which he can then later try at home.

It can be very fun to try a technical style of cooking that allows your man try some new devices as well, as men often love a chance to learn a new skill and take pride in gaining some technical excellence. You might even find that he is extra eager to start cooking for you and friends once he gains extra confidence in the kitchen.

5. A gift hamper of beer

There are a growing range of craft beers on the market and it can be hard for a discerning man to make a quick order from a beer menu when he is out with the boys. One fun way to tackle the issue is to make a gift basket of beers from different producers, including some of the more common and popular beers, as well as some local indie or craft beers.

It is a good idea to include some shot glasses, so that your special man can pour out small glasses from different bottles and compare. It can be a great way for him to get to know different beers and also can be a fun activity for him to do with a friend.

If you want to let your man know that he is deeply loved and appreciated, a thoughtful Christmas gift is ideal.