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5 Great Games to Play With Your Family

Summer has almost reached its midpoint and the sun is out in full swing. Sometimes, especially during a hot summer day, you will want to stay inside and spend some quality time with your family. If you’re bored with the old board games and want to try something new, video games can become a great alternative. 

However, choosing a suitable game might become a real challenge. But don’t you worry! Eneba games store has prepared some recommendations of the best games out there suitable for joyful play sessions along with the whole family. We’re sure you’ll find something worthy of your time.

1. Screencheat

We start our game with a truly unique gem that will ensure plenty of laughs in your living room. The main idea behind Screencheat is to shoot other players and win, but the game has a unique twist. Your screen doesn’t show the opponents. The only way to know where are they hiding is cheating. In order to find them, you’ll need to look at the opponents’ screen and try to guess their location. While the game can be played by two players it supports groups up to 4. The more the merrier.

2. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is an adorable co-op cooking simulator and a sequel to the award-winning game by Ghost Town Games. Overcooked 2 tasks players to cook food in various dynamic levels representing kitchens. However, it’s not that easy as you might think. Overcooked 2 will test your multitasking abilities where you must coordinate your actions with other players. It’s a perfect pick for the whole family that will grant you tons of laughter.

3. Minecraft

This game needs no introduction. Minecraft is a well-known game with incomprehensible freedom and a vast unending world to explore. However, the game’s popularity lies with its social aspect allowing to build and craft things together. However, chances are that your kids have already played it, so it’s a great tool to bond asking them to teach you more about the game. The game features a co-op mode which means that you’ll be able to build things together!

4. Rayman Legends

5 years ago Ubisoft released Rayman Legends, an action-adventure platformer which to this date is regarded as one of the best games in its genre. While the game can be played solo it is way more fun and engaging playing it with your family. Players can select one of many game’s characters and join in with a single press of a button. Rayman Legends features hundreds of easy and hardcore levels, but if you’re looking for a friendly competition it also has a lot of mini-games for you to enjoy.

5. Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular games in the world right now. And for a good reason! If you have a party of four (or three) players hop on and enjoy the thrill of this arcade-style football. It’s a great pick for any family gathering since matches are very short and you don’t need much skill to start playing. The game also features a lot of customization options allowing to unleash your creativity and create some of the wackiest, most insane vehicles.

All of these and more games can be found cheaper on Eneba games store.