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5 Great Benefits Of Putting Your Child Into Daycare

Deciding whether or not to enrol your child in early education is something many parents grapple with. Will your child be happy in daycare? What can they learn in daycare that they can’t at home? What are the real benefits of daycare?

If you’re unsure that sending your little one to an early daycare education centre is right for them and for the whole family, take into account the 5 amazing benefits below. You may be surprised!

Benefit #1: At daycare, your child will develop their social and communication skills

When a child is young, it is greatly beneficial for them to interact with as many people – young and old – as possible. Doing so will grow their confidence, expand their vocabulary, develop their empathy, improve their self-expression and help them to better understand the world.

The social and emotional advantage of daycare is why it’s so important for young children. Being in a nurturing environment where they can play and learn from other children their age and also interact with adults that aren’t their parents or immediate family will improve their social and communication skills tenfold.

Benefit #2: Daycare prepares your child for school

When a child has spent their early years at a daycare, they will have a smoother transition into a school environment and will be more equipped to handle big changes coming their way. This is because at daycare children are subject to a daily routine that involves scheduled learning and playtimes. They must also learn to interact in a classroom setting and take direction from their teachers. Daycare may also be when a child first comes into contact with other children their age, and this too will improve their school readiness.

Benefit #3: Children who go to daycare will excel at school

It’s no surprise that children who have had an early-years education have an academic advantage when they get to school, compared to children who haven’t. Daycare introduces children to subject areas such as reading, language, art and music, which will not only give them a headstart academically but will also accelerate their cognitive development.

A child’s cognitive development is crucial in their early years and should be encouraged as much as possible by family members and teachers. It refers to their ability to learn, think, memorise and remain attentive, and so a child with excellent cognitive development means they will grasp new information quicker and therefore excel academically.

Benefit #4: Quality daycare exposes children to healthy eating

Another great benefit of enrolling your child into a top quality daycare centre is that they learn about the importance of healthy eating and they establish healthy eating habits.

The best daycare centres will encourage healthy eating among children by growing their own produce on-site and getting the children involved in preparing their own food in the kitchen. This is great for teaching a child where their food comes from and what types of foods make up a balanced diet, and also gives them a headstart in the kitchen. This knowledge is vital for ensuring that a child has the best chance of leading a healthy life as he or she grows up.

Benefit #5: Putting your child into daycare is beneficial for the whole family

Sending your child to an early years daycare centre doesn’t only benefit them, it benefits the whole family. Knowing your child is at a daycare centre you can trust and that you know is helping them to improve their cognitive, social, language and emotional development is a great peace of mind. However, it also frees up your own time so that you can get things done – whether that be work or general day-to-day life errands.

While it can be difficult to entrust your young child into the care of another person, the staff at top quality daycare centres are professional, experienced and loving, and have only the best intentions for all the children they care for. What’s more, if your child is interacting with other adults that are outside of the family, they will grow up to be smarter, more social and more emotionally aware.