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5 Most Expensive Flooring For The Most Luxurious Homes

Flooring is one of the main design element of a home. It is worth investing money and time. Design experts suggest that you should prioritize slip resistance, durability, and low maintenance. While there are cheaper flooring options that somehow meet all these requirements, you need not settle for less. Why would you when you can have the best? Get the most expensive flooring for your luxury home.

Natural stone flooring

Natural stone is one of the most expensive flooring materials for obvious reasons. Firstly, quarrying is an expensive business. The harder the stone and the more the vibrant the colors and patterns are, the harder and more expensive it is to quarry. Secondly, the transportation cost for this dense commodity is high.

This flooring option is what you need if you want to add elegance and class to your luxurious house. It covers marble, granite limestone, travertine, slate, and sandstone. When natural stone is finally embroiled on your home’s floor, you will be taken aback by its simplicity and timeless beauty. Other than its magnificence, natural stone also has other outstanding qualities like its durability and resistance to wear.

The highest quality natural stone could go for$20 to $30 per sq. ft., inclusive of installation costs. The prices could, however, go higher depending on the design and specification.

Designer ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of sand, clay, and other natural products. They are hardened by an oven and coated with glaze. They remain among the most versatile types of flooring. Its top qualities include its durability, resistance to wear, and color permanence. Refin, an Italian ceramic floor tile manufacturer, is especially known for making interesting flooring designs.

A good quality ceramic tile goes for around $5 to 10$ per sq. ft. For a refined, eccentric designer ceramic tile, the prices could shoot up to $30 per sq. ft. and more.

Exotic hardwood flooring

Why pay so much for this wooden flooring? Unlike other flooring options, exotic hardwoods are a scarce commodity. Most of them are only found in Africa and South America. Transporting them from one place to another can cost a hefty amount. The Spruce lists the most exotic hardwood floors including the Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Australian Cypress, Sapele Mahogany, and Kempas.

With their alluring colors, natural hardness, durability, stain resistance, and other impeccable qualities, it’s easy to see why a lot of home designers fall for exotic hardwoods. This flooring is most attractive to the eyes. What’s more is that its beauty improves with age.

Exotic hardwood flooring has a price tag of $12-$22 per sq. ft. minus the installation cost, which could range between $3-4$ per sq. ft.

Luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl, unlike laminate flooring, is a type of resilient flooring with an added taste of style and sophistication. It differs from the standard vinyl flooring in price as it mimics stone and wood look. It achieves this because of its composition, which is either 100% vinyl or vinyl limestone.

Ideally, this is perfect flooring for a family home as it reduces the chances of slip accidents. Its other good qualities include its durability and scratch resistance.

If you desire a stone and wood flooring but the cost is too high for you, then luxury vinyl is the way to go. It is much cheaper in terms of product and installation costs. The price for luxury vinyl ranges from $2 to $10 per sq. ft.

Forbo Marmoleum

Do you desire to have a quality flooring design that enhances your house’s aesthetics?  Forbo Marmoleum may be what you’re looking for. This exquisite product is naturally beautiful, durable, warm, and soft under the feet. Marmoleum is also eco-friendly as it is made of natural raw materials that are bio-degradable and can be recycled.

Do you want a floor with unique color? Well, that’s not a problem. Forbo is available in 300 different colors and innovative designs. With Forbo Marmoleum, you need not worry about stubborn stains ruining your perfect floor. It is quite easy to wash. This modern type of flooring has all the excellent qualities that meet the value of your money.

One square foot of the Forbo Marmoleum ranges from $3-$7.


Sometimes, the best things in life come with a cost. If you want to build the most luxurious home, you need to install the most luxurious flooring. These flooring options may be expensive but they will not disappoint you.


Ethan Johnson—Blogger and Home Improvement Enthusiast

Ethan Johnson has headed several blog sites including Man of Family. His main passion is woodworking and DIY home improvement projects. He shares all his experience online and continually aims to find the latest and most effective techniques and strategies to make better DIY projects.