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5 Essential Fishing Tips for Women

Fishing has been a male dominated hobby, but today we live in a time when women have proven time and again that they can do any task a man does as good as a man if not better than him.

Are you such a woman? Then let me tell you, fishing is perhaps the easiest avenues we ladies can conquer. I too used to be skeptical about fishing as a serious hobby until my brother helped me understand the joys of fishing and trust me, once you get the hang of it you will love it too.

While it is not as simple as just tossing bait into the water, it is not too complex either that you will need to know things like advanced algebra. I’ll help you understand the five essential things you need to know about fishing. While some of these are common to everyone, others are meant specifically for women.

Pick the right equipment

Before you pick the equipment, you have to decide what sort of fish you are trying to catch. Keep in mind that we women do not have the weight or upper body strength of the opposite gender.

So choose equipment that won’t target bigger and heavier fish. I will give a breakdown of the available options with rods and reels in the order of simpler to the more complex. Before moving forward, check some of the best baitcasting reels.

Spinning rods and reels

These are the most popular and easy ones to use. They are readily available and don’t take too long to get used to.

Spin casting rod and reel

A bit more complex with a different type of spool. It is meant for the slightly more advanced angler.

Bait casting rod and reel

This is an even more advanced piece of equipment and requires a lot more patience and skill to operate.

Fly casting rod and reel

The most complex fishing rod and which is recommended for highly trained and professional anglers.

Choose the right bait

Before you go fishing, do some research on the spot where you plan to fish? Check for suggestions for fishing on the internet as well as the people who have fished there before.

This way you will get to know the recommended baits and if there is one particular type of fish that you are trying to catch, then which bait works best for that fish.

There is that icky factor associated with handling live bait, and if you do not have the stomach for live bait you can always look at options were artificial lures can be used.

Acquire a fishing license:

This is again a very important step, but perhaps the easiest. You can look it up on the internet as to what has to be done in your locality to get a fishing license. Fishing without the papers could result in heavy fines and also make you have the license within arm’s reach every time you are out fishing.

On a related note, make sure fishing is legal in the water body that you are fishing at. Some lakes have restrictions on which bait you can and cannot use. Ensure that you have the proper know-how of these things beforehand.

Sea, river or lake?

Lakes are the easiest to fish in while rivers are slightly more difficult with the sea or ocean being the most difficult. If it’s your very first time, then choose a lake or a river bank.

Fishing in fast flowing rivers and seas should only be attempted if you have someone experienced with you.

Protect your skin and your health

Our skin is more sensitive, so make sure you do take the necessary precautions. If it is a sunny day, make sure to apply sunscreen and always carry a bottle of the same stuff.

Make sure to stay hydrated as well. Also, make sure you have hygienic arrangements available for you if you have to answer nature’s call.

Everything you need to know about spinning fishing reel:

This is the most common type of rod people use. The rod itself is made of lightweight materials such as graphite or fiberglass. It can have 4-8 guides on the underside to keep the line in check.

These are the circular rings through which the line passes, and they get narrower towards the tip of the rod. The best spinning reel hangs on the underside of the rod.

Spool: This is the part around which the line is wound

Handle: Turning it reels in line

Bail: This is like a switch that can be used to lock the line so that little to no line can come out

Reel foot: This connects the reel to the rod.

Drag knob: This knob is used to set how much resistance the line will have while coming out of the reel.

So what are you waiting for? If like me you want to experience the joys of being with nature, pick up your fishing rod and catch those fish’s girls.