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5 Dishes That You Can Eat At Night Without Gaining Any Weight

Do not starve yourself or go to bed hungry just to lose weight! Scientists have discovered that it’s beneficial to eat in the evening. This doesn’t mean that you can freely stuff yourself with junk food before going to bed! Choose a light dinner and a reasonable portion size!

Here are 5 dishes that you can eat at night without worrying about gaining weight:

Flavorful corn

Eat some boiled corn, instead of canned. Corn is good for your health and can help you remove excess cholesterol. Do not add tons of butter and salt to the corn! It’s not called “a light dinner” for nothing!

Cheese and grapes

A small portion of cheese doesn’t contain a lot of calories, but it will give you a lot of pleasure and many benefits. You can also add some grapes to your dinner plate because they can help you sleep better, since they’re packed with melatonin.

Egg dishes

Eggs contain essential amino acids and can quickly make you feel full. Make some eggs Benedict or simply hard-boil them.

Turkey meat 

Turkey is the perfect dinner for those who prefer a heavier meal. Turkey contains healthy protein and it’s easier to digest than chicken.

Hummus and vegetable sticks

Hummus is made from chickpeas and chickpeas are rich in vitamin B6. Dip some carrot, cucumber or zucchini sticks into the delicious hummus and enjoy!