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5 Decor Tips for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom should be a place of endless creativity and imagination. As a parent, you might be envisioning infinite design possibilities, as you plan to decorate the space. However, it is imperative that you are very practical when redecorating this room. Avoid investing in age-sensitive themes. Remember that kids move through hobbies and passion fast; hence you need always to play safe when picking décor that will not date. Overall, when planning to decorate your kid’s room, focus on growth, function, and fun.  Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when redecorating your child’s room.

  1. Get Crafty

If your child is still a toddler, the chances are that they are still using their crib. If you had already invested in the best crib mattress, then there is no need to change it. Instead, used different fun colored cozy fabric to make the crib more exciting and comfortable. A softly padded crib or bed offers a luxurious look for your child’s room. If your child is a little older, try to choose furniture that is flexible. Oakwood and daybeds are highly recommended since they blend well with any color and your child can use them at any age.

  1. Storage

As children grow old, they accumulate more toys, clothes, and books. You can have the most amazing décor for your child’s bedroom, but with things strewn chaotically all over the floor, it may not look at its best. Therefore, it is essential that you have enough storage space to put all these items neatly in one area. If you plan on getting a new bed for your toddler, you can get one with inbuilt storage to create more storage space.

Consider hanging up hooks to keep coats, bathrobes, and bags off the floor. Also, get a sizeable unit for storing all the toys in your child’s room. A cube storage is another perfect idea for displaying your kid’s toys and books stylishly. Strategically place these storage bins, baskets and toy chests in different areas of the room to encourage your child to tidy up after themselves.

  1. Lighten Up

Good lighting is essential to your child’s room. It does more than just illuminate the space. When choosing lights for your child’s room, make sure to keep the future in mind so that you will not have to replace them after a short period.Before replacing, changing or updating the lights in the room, think about the activities that take place in this room. If your child’s bedroom also doubles up as a play area or a study area, you will need to include, ambient, task and accent lighting. Make use of fairy lights to create a magical and relaxed atmosphere around your child’s bed. You can also use a unique hanging pendant in your child’s room.

  1. Paint or Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways of transforming your child’s bedroom is through changing their current color scheme. If you want to update the walls of your kid’s room, you can either choose to use a fresh coat of paint, colorful pictures or use subtle wallpaper for the walls. You can also coat the furniture with a different paint color. Soothing colors like blue, lilac, green and soft yellow are highly recommended for a kid’s bedroom.

  1. Easy Wall Art Gallery

The world we live in is vibrant, exciting, colorful and wonderfully beautiful. At their tender age, your child is captivated by simple things that most adults tend to take for granted. So why not let your child’s bedroom truly reflect the beauty and diversity of the world? Take the time to think about the things that excite your child, be it a red bus, the beautiful sun shining, bees, or even the blue sky and then creatively use these ideas to create stunning wall art for your child. You can also use butterfly wall stickers on the walls.

Since this is your child’s room, allow them to have a say in the decorating process. If they are old enough, allow them to choose their colors and furnishing for their bedroom. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to express their personality and creativity.