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5 Core Reasons Why Men Pull Away from Women

One day you might have the most wonderful and perfect relationship in the world, and then next you might feel like your partner is kind of a stranger. But It is not always men’s fault, sometimes men can lose interest in a woman if she changes, and the changes are difficult to reconcile.

Sadly, this is a very popular trend in today’s society, and if you’ve found yourself reading this, I’m sure you’ve either been personally influenced by it or are afraid of experiencing it with someone you care about. Many people find themselves dealing with this problem at least once in their lives.

So why do men pull away? There are a variety of reasons that causes them to pull away. Some of them are mentioned below, so keep reading to find out why.

If you try too hard to get what is not there

When it comes to relationships, men avoid planning the future. They still choose to remain in the present rather than imagine what will happen in ten or twenty years. When a man discovers that his wife is too obsessed with the future, he may lose interest in her. Even if the woman remains silent about her plans and how she envisions living with her man, the man will pick up on it through her body language. This is why the majority of men pull away.

Because of emotional changes 

Men are usually attracted to women who are joyful and fun. You as a man were really satisfied with your relationship when you first started dating the woman. You shared almost everything with her, but once you started loving her, you noticed a change in her emotions. She’s a lot more serious now than she was before. Some men are not willing to deal with this kind of change and they simply pull away.

When the woman is very insecure

We live in a society where it’s normal for men and women to interact daily. So just because you are in a relationship, that doesn’t give the woman the right to ask her partner to stop interacting with other women. If you find your man cheating on you then that is an entirely different issue. Insecurity is a very bad thing to have and one of the main reasons men pull away from their women.

If the woman is too easy

When a woman makes love with a man, she becomes more emotionally attached to him. It’s not the same for guys. Some men treat it as a challenge, and they are adept at moving on once they are done sleeping with a woman. Men like challenges and they do not want things that are easy to get.

When the woman is very desperate

Nobody likes it when people go crazy with something. It is normal to call or text your man to ask how his day is going, but doing so every minute or so is a sign of desperation. This irritates an individual and makes them feel imprisoned. In a healthy relationship, it is important to have a little bit of freedom and independence.