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5 Clues He Might Be Cheating On You

Many women will unfortunately have at least a passing thought that her partner is cheating on her from time to time, and many of these thoughts are fleeting and unfounded. However, infidelity is a common problem that causes serious issues for couples and that even ends many relationships. Some men go to great lengths to conceal a secret relationship, but there are often some noticeable clues that an observant woman may pick up on. These are a few clues that may tune you into the possibility of a cheating partner.

He Is Working Later Than Usual

When men have a side relationship, they must take time out of their regular day in some way to see the other person. In some cases, they will meet over the lunch hour, and the man will have to make up hours at the end of the day. In other cases, they will meet after work. In both cases, the man may come home later than usual at least a few days per week, and this may be unusual or out-of-character. While some men use working late as an excuse, others use the excuse of spending time with the guys. Regardless of the excuse that is being used, if your partner has dramatically and regularly adjusted his schedule, it is understandable that you would be suspicious.

He Seems More Secretive or Elusive

A cheating man has secrets to hide from you, and he may be more elusive about your inquiries than he has been. For example, he may not specifically tell you which guy friends or coworkers he is hanging out with after work. He may take phone calls in the other room. You may even notice that he gets defensive or irritable when you press him for a specific answer. Some men even call or text to check on their partner’s whereabouts while being vague about their whereabouts, and this is to ensure that you do not cross paths while he is with another woman.

His Phone Usage Has Changed

A smartphone is among the most common methods that a cheating man will use to communicate with another woman. You may notice strange numbers on your cell phone bill, and these may be numbers that are texted to or called regularly. You may also notice that he hides his phone from you when he is texting or when the phone rings. Some men will use private messaging apps to keep conversations off smartphone bills. If you notice new private messaging apps on his phone, you may have a reason to question what he has been up to and why he needs to have secret conversations that are not showing up on the phone bill.

He Is Focused on His Personal Appearance

It is common for people who are involved in a new relationship to want to look their best for their new partner. If your partner has updated his wardrobe, joined a gym, changed his hairstyle or taken other steps to improve his appearance dramatically, this could be a sign that someone else is in the picture. This is more commonly the case when he makes these changes without being open about why he is doing so.

There Are Changes in His Spending Habits

Relationships cost money. Meals at restaurants, hotel rooms, flowers and more can cost a small fortune. Many men will hide these expenses by opening a separate credit card, and they may even have the credit card bill emailed rather than mailed. However, you may notice a payment being made to the credit card regularly. Some men will use cash to cover their tracks. If you notice a sudden increase in spending with no reasonable explanation provided, a closer look at spending habits should be made.

Many women are blindsided by the realization that their partner is cheating. This is particularly true for women who have been in the relationship for many long years or decades. If you are worried that your partner is cheating, now is a great time to find yourself and establish yourself as an individual rather than as part of a couple. This can boost your level of self-confidence and help you to find the courage and strength to get through this time in your life.